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Albums Of The Week: Boris | Heavy Rocks

The Japanese trio’s latest blends blazing retro-rock with more experimental fare.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The legendary Boris celebrate a 30-year career as one of experimental music’s most forward-thinking, heavy, and innovative bands with their latest release. Continuing their series of Heavy Rocks records, Boris once again channel the classic proto-metal sounds of the ’70s into something all new.

The album, 10 pulse-pounding tracks, highlight the very trajectory of Boris and their storied career — from the driving, fuzzed-out rock ’n’ roll opener She is Burning to the punk, raucous My Name is Blank, Boris are heavier than ever before. Question 1 is just kickass — D-beats give way to a doomed, spaced out and heavier-than-anything guitar wailing and feedback, before diving back into metal, sending the listener into a complete frenzy.

Elsewhere on the record, a more daring, “out there” side of the band begins to shine on tracks such as the aptly titled Blah Blah Blah, the industrial Ghostly Imagination and the truly wild Nosferatou. Noisy passages (not unlike prior collaborations with legendary artists like Merzbow) collide with visceral vocal howls while a relentless, almost Zornian-saxophone shreds harder than any guitar solo ever could. In 2022, Boris cement what heavy rock means to them, and release one of their most captivating records to date. This is unmistakably Boris, and this is the band at the height of their powers.”


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