The Domain Is Happy To Admit You’re His Favorite Mistake

If you're wrong, the multi-talented Australian EDM-popster doesn't want to be right.

The Domain doesn’t regret his Favorite Mistake for one second in his captivating new dance-pop single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“We’re just having so much fun and you can tell when you listen to it,” the Australian producer, DJ and remixer says, and he’s not kidding. The irresistible synth-driven number — which seamlessly embraces both nostalgic ’80s influences and futuristic house elements while remaining grounded in a modern EDM groove — is guaranteed to lift your mood with the infectious vibe, catchy melody and delightful vocals from New York singer Lousy.

Ironically, Favorite Mistake is so relentlessly sunny and joyous that The Domain hesitated to release it earlier. “This song was too happy and too danceable for 2021,” he explains. “I didn’t want to drop it while everyone was suffering. I want everyone to be happy and partying when they hear this.”

And now that they are, Favorite Mistake just the first in a string of releases from the enigmatic new kid on the block. “I hope people will find something unique about my sound, it’s not trying to be like everyone else, it’s not trying to be anything, just me and Lousy having fun making cool music that we really vibe with.”

Blurring the lines between dance and pop, The Domain is a multi-talented electronic artist whose tracks are filled with soulful melodies, dreamy vocals, modern beats and vintage synths. But ultimately, it’s all about the vibe. About beautiful analog dirtiness and dirty analog beauty. About bliss.

The Domain began to find his when he started playing guitar as a child, going on to study music at university at just 14 — before a series of obstacles left him homeless. Without a guitar, he became fascinated with freestyle rap, and eventually realized he would be more at home as a producer. It was a big learning curve. He spent years digging in crates for obscure soul samples and immersing himself in sound design and production.

It took him a minute to find his niche, but now the future-retro sound that he has landed on will resonate far and wide. “I guess it was kind of inevitable,” he says. “I always wanted to do something like this but never realized it was actually possible. Never really had the time or the resources before. This project is turning out way cooler than I ever imagined.”

Hear for yourself: Check out Favorite Mistake above and below, and follow The Domain on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.