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Next Week in Music | Aug. 1-7 • The Short List: 5 Titles You Want to Hear

Neil, T Bone, Flatliners, Kasabian and Soulfly need to be at the top of your list.

It’s one of the oldest rules in the marketing book: You don’t introduce new products in August. Everybody knows that. Well, everybody but these guys, apparently. Good thing too — otherwise I’d have nothing to write about.


T Bone Burnett
The Invisible Light: Spells

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Spells is the second instalment in The Invisible Light, a trilogy of album by Grammy and Oscar-winner T Bone Burnett, Jay Bellerose and Keefus Ciancia. The trilogy’s first chapter Acoustic Space was released in 2019 to critical praise. The Invisible Light is a fusion of trance, electronic, folk, tribal and global music. At the heart of this trilogy is technology and how it has advanced significantly throughout the course of the last century, with radio, film, television and the internet serving as central parts of our lives. In acoustic space, people hear from every direction at once, the center is everywhere, and there is no border.”

The Flatliners
New Ruin

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The followup to 2017’s critically praised full-length Inviting Light, New Ruin is a shot of pure adrenaline from a band striking out at outdated institutions and ideologies via “impeccably” crafted pointed lyrics. Featuring their heaviest songs to date, New Ruin sees The Flatliners attacking each new track with a ferocity and intensity that will surprise even long-time fans. From the monstrously discordant hits that open the album through the de facto thesis statement of Heirloom, it’s clear that The Flatliners are angry in a way we’ve never heard before. “It’s hate mail to the previous generation,” says singer-guitarist Chris Cresswell. “All their brilliance and ingenuity has just left our generation and future generations in the dust and unable to afford the world we live in, with this enormous emotional and environmental toll. It’s so demoralizing.”

The Alchemist’s Euphoria

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kasabian make a most welcome return this summer with The Alchemist’s Euphoria, a high-octane new album fuelled by their trademark swagger. Of the new album, Kasabian’s seventh, Serge Pizzorno says: “One thing about this record I feel over the other ones, is it definitely feels like a body of work that belongs together. It was a beautiful moment in mastering hearing it as a piece. I think it really holds up in our seven albums. It’s definitely music to make you feel like anything’s possible. And it feels really exciting because, like always, this band can go absolutely anywhere.”


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Underground icon, extreme metal trailblazer, third world warrior, and leader of a diverse and dedicated tribe, Soulfly’s Max Cavalera not only survives but thrives, blasting out riff after killer riff. The same voice, body, and spirit which launched Soulfly in 1997 summons impossibly heavy noise to this day, throwing down 10 slabs of monstrous music on Soulfly’s 12th album Totem. “I wanted to make a record connected to spirit animals, forests, environmental stuff,” he says. “I’ve always been fascinated by nature. Traveling so much, I’ve gotten to see some amazing places,” he continues, citing examples like Iceland, the fjords of Norway, and the Badlands of South Dakota.”

Neil Young & Promise Of The Real
Noise & Flowers

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Neil Young + Promise Of The Real’s new live album Noise & Flowers captures the group in all their glory on a 2019 European tour that began just two weeks after Young’s lifetime friend and manager of more than 50 years, Elliot Roberts, passed away at the age of 76. Performing alongside a photograph of Roberts taped to his road case, Young approached each show as a celebratory memorial service to honour his late friend. It’s a trek the legendary singer/songwriter describes as “wondrous.” In the album’s liner notes, Young says, “Playing in his memory [made it] one of the most special tours ever. We hit the road and took his great spirit with us into every song. This music belongs to no one. It’s in the air. Every note was played for music’s great friend, Elliot.”