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The Polyphonic Spree Finally Got Down To The Soul

The Texas orch-pop heroes return with a sneak peek of their Salvage Enterprise LP.

Over the past few months, groups of individuals have been cropping up unannounced in remote locations throughout West Texas, igniting massive bonfires surrounded by quadraphonic speakers, and gazing at the stars. While local residents have wondered at the mysterious groups, the individuals were in fact enjoying a communal listening experience of The Polyphonic Spree’s long-awaited new album Salvage Enterprise, which frontman Tim DeLaughter has described as a magnum opus that needs to be experienced as a whole.

“Just like the times when I was a kid, when you’d go to the record store buy the album, call a friend go to the bedroom turn the lights off and listen to the album from start to finish,” DeLaughter explains. “We would take a journey, be in the music and be open to where it went.”

Although Salvage Enterprise won’t be released until 2023, The Polyphonic Spree have quietly released a sneak peek today, in the form of the album’s soaring final track Got Down To The Soul. Closing out a sprawling concept album that deals in themes of resurrection and perseverance, Got Down To The Soul channels a sense of clarity, resolve, and peace.

“You’re coming up from the ashes like a phoenix after everything you’ve been through,” DeLaughter explains. “This is where everything becomes clear, and there’s a certain peacefulness that comes from that. Everything finally makes sense.”

Energized by what he describes as a new chapter in his creativity and songwriting, DeLaughter is currently on the road on his way to California, with plans to share the music spontaneously in remote outdoor settings, whenever the opportunity arises — no phones, noa power lines — just fire, music, and stars. Fans can track DeLaughter’s movement on The Polyphonic Spree’s social media channels, where pop-up locations will be announced day-of. Salvage Enterprise will be released in 2023.

While you wait for DeLaughter to come to your town, check out Got Down To The Soul above, stream it on you favourite platform HERE, sample more from The Polyphonic Spree below, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.