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Albums Of The Week: SupaSonic Fuzz | Cobracadabra

'Hey, shithead! Get in! We've got weed and beer, and we're going to the gravel pit to get wasted and crank up this killer LP of psychedelic Italian stoner-rock. Fucking A!’

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sons of the desert, fathers of riffs, Italian power trio SupaSonic Fuzz sound like growling pumas and rusty Camaros — and their second album Cobracadabra is a mighty blend of stoner rock, ’70s attitude and big heavy tones! 

Recorded live at Onda Studios, Imperia, in January 2022, Cobracadabra keeps the “live” feeling front and center, because live is where the band always gives its 110%. But the eight-song set does even more: It brings the energy, the magic, the power and the sound of the previous album Without… to another level. In short, Cobracadabra delivers a perfect mix of hard rock and psychedelic mood. In other words: Pure SupaSonic Fuzz.

The artwork of the album was made by Boggio Nattero (Carcharodon, Cambrian), who also recorded wonderful slide guitar parts for two songs on this album.

SupaSonic Fuzz first saw the light in the early 2010s and, after some lineup and name changes, recorded their first album Without…, produced by Marco Barusso (Cayne, The Price, 883, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Pooh).”