One No One Soars With Angels

The Calgary indie tunesmith's latest track in inspiration on multiple levels.

One No One escapes a personal hell with the help of some Angels in his heavenly new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The lead single from the Calgary singer-songwriter’s recently released EP Now One Knows (2022), the quaint, catchy track finds the enigmatic artist going deep inside the human condition and emerging with a song that is inspirational on multiple levels.

“I have always wanted to make music, and make something meaningful — but I never knew other people that were into it,” One No One shares. “The world can feel boring, repetitive — but overwhelmingly beautiful and an intense mystery at the same time — and I can get to that second place by listening to my favourite music and reading books that I love. Really special art like that feels magic to me — like it appears fully formed, found floating on the breeze, pulled from the ground. So I decided that I was going to figure it out, figure out how to create something honest and true and beautiful.

“I could see these songs in my head, and I had been playing guitar for a number of years — quietly practising in my room, finally found my voice, found how to play a feeling. All of a sudden, I felt I could do it; I could make these songs by following that light. I learned to sing and play bass, and figured out recording and production, piecing together the songs, because they were there — they felt alive.”

Moving beyond those early ambitions to the full-bodied Angels, One No One succeeds in charismatically penning a climatic charmer — rounding up feelings of acceptance and hope in an honest and authentic record. An alternative indie jam set to a summertime vibe, complete with electric guitars and ’60s pop vocals the track makes it clear One No One is as comfortable in 2022’s modern rock as he is with a charming nod to Seals & Crofts, MGMT and Peter Bjorn and John.

“It’s funny,” he says. “Things arrive suddenly but really it takes years for that to happen, slow gradual work that comes together all at once. I’m very happy to share these songs and hope that they can give people that special feeling.”

Check out Angels above and below, and follow One No One on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.