Olenka Has No Sympathy For A Sad Boy Popstar

“Will fame and a chain truly make you happy?” the Toronto singer-songwriter asks.

Olenka has a few choice words for a Sad Boy Popstar in her latest single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“Everyone wants to be a Popstar like Drake, a Starboy like The Weeknd, or a Rockstar like Post Malone,” the Toronto singer-songwriter muses. “You can absolutely do that, but just know the negative repercussions that come with fame and fortune. Chains and rings may look nice but that’s not all there is to music and being an artist.

“Having a goal for fame and fortune can make you compromise your morals and boundaries. The top can be lonely — gold chains and gold rings can’t buy you friends. Everyone wants to be famous, but they don’t know the darkness that lies within the light of fame. Will fame and a chain truly make you happy?”

Maybe not. But Sad Boy Popstar should. It’s a fantastically produced single with all of the characteristics of a radio-ready hit — right in line with Olenka’s ambitions. Her understanding of songwriting and production results in an uncanny yet intoxicating combination of 808s, trap drums and electric guitar.

With enough atmospheric layering tucked into the track, Olenka leaves enough headroom to get lost in — symbolic of the gates opened as one climbs the socioeconomic ranks.

‘It’s easy to compare yourself to the greats but remember that you are not them; you have your own journey,” the London-born artist shares. “Stay true to yourself while you grow. There’s nothing wrong with the grind — just don’t put your mental health on the line. Don’t let part of yourself die on the journey to the top.”

Heavily influenced by years of radio hits, Olenka has traveled her own path in the genre, blending pop, soul and R&B effortlessly. Being born into a bloodline ripe with music, Olenka follows in her parents’ footsteps. Graduating from the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College, she uses her knowledge of sound engineering to further advance her creative and production prowess.

Check out Sad Boy Popstar above, sample more of Olenka’s music below, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.