Pennan Brae | Mona: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Vancouver artist previews his 10th album with a rip-roaring country-rocker.


Pennan Brae introduces you to the magnificent Mona with his vibrant, rollicking new single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A rip-roaring country-rocker that also serves as the lead single off his upcoming album Planted, Mona blasts out of the gate with a plinking cowbell and a chiming, chugging guitar riff that’s late for dinner. “I’m really pleased with how Mona turned out,” remarks Pennan. “I’ve always loved upbeat country-rock music. On the drums we’ve got Edward Whelan keeping time with bassist Kaj Falch-Nielsen rounding out the rhythm section. Alison Jenkins adds her touches with background vocals; one highlight for myself on the song are her harmonies in the outro. Meanwhile, I pick away on the guitar. I really hope people have fun with the single.”

Recorded at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver, the track makes a perfect introduction to Planted. Set for release Oct. 8, the album takes you on a 10-song rock ’n’ roll thrill ride influenced by music of the 1970s and ’80s. Planted is the prolific, multi-talented West Coast artist’s third full-length release of 2021, and the 10th album of his career.

Earlier in January 2021, Brae released Lit, a 10-track rock ’n’ roll record featuring the singles El Camino and Tearin’ My Heart In 2. In June, the 11-song Cinema album delivered the singles Mississippi Love Song and A Nightmare, along with a trio of 1980’s influenced remixes by producer Kirk Kelsey (The Smashing Pumpkins).

Mona is accompanied by a throwback video by Far From Earth Films director Tim Cash. “I’ve always loved the marriage of music and film,” Brae confesses. “It’s like throwing a stick of dynamite in a cauldron and something special is born.” Fittingly, he and Cash have collaborated over the past decade on a number of videos and two feature-length films — The Astronot and 2 Below 0 — which are currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Watch Mona above, hear more from Pennan Brae below, and meet him on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.