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Next Week in Music | May 2-8 • The Long List: 410 Releases On The Way

Fun fact: On May 1 1956, Johnny Cash recorded I Walk The Line, which became his first No.1 Billboard country hit and remained on the charts for over 43 weeks, selling more than 2 million copies. I suspect you have one of them in your  or your life somewhere. While you listen to that, take a stroll through the 410 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes on the way. And remember: Keep your eyes wide open all the time.



!!! | Let It Be Blue
Absolutely Free | How To Repaint Clouds
Acidgvrl | Welcome 2 Hell, Dxra
The Actual Goners | Lost Highway
Pepper Adams with the Tommy Banks Trio | Live From The Room At The Top
Lydia Ainsworth | Sparkles and Debris Reimagined
Shamarr Allen | True Orleans 2
Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band | Bloodlines Vinyl Reissue
Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band | Smokin The Dummy Vinyl Reissue
ALT | Altitude Deluxe Edition
The Americans | Stand True
Annika | Stand Still: Side A
Anyway Gang | Still Anyways
Arca | Kick Box Set
Arcade Fire | We
Maria Chiara Argirò | Forest City
Armagideon Time | Crime As Theatre EP
Artemas | I’m Sorry I’m Like This
Ashe | Hope You’re Not Happy
Rick Astley | Whenever You Need Somebody Remastered
Sophie Auster | Dancing With Strangers
Awolnation | My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me
The Bablers | You Are The One For Me
Bad Planning | Et Fortes
Aidan Baker | Songs Of Undoing
James Lee Baker | Impressions
Bandalos Chinos | El Big Blue
Moe Bandy | Outlaw Classics
Les Baxter | The Soul of Drums Vinyl Reissue
Belle and Sebastian | A Bit of Previous
Beneather | Beneather
Steven Bernstein & The Hot 9 | Manifesto Of Henryisms (Community Music, Vol. 3)
Brant Bjork | Somera Sól
The Black Crowes | 1972 EP
Black Star | No Fear Of Time
Blond in Car | Different Dream EP
Blunt Chunks | Blunt Chunks EP
Saâda Bonaire | 1992
Bondax | Fade (ft. Shells) Single
Bones In Butter | Beyond the Sea Single
Bottler | Journey Work
Boyish | My Friend Mica EP
BoyWithUke | Serotonin Dreams
Boyzlife | Old School
Norine Braun | Songs For Trees
Brave Rival | Life’s Machine
Gianni Brezzo | Tutto Passa
Brothers Griiin | Joy City
The Builders and The Butchers | Hell & High Water
Dana Buoy | Experiments in Plant Based Music Vol 1
Calling Cadence | Calling Cadence
Anna Calvi | Tommy EP
Captain Of The Lost Waves | Mysterium Tremendum
Sam Casey | Coverama
Century Egg | Little Piece Of Hair
Ray Charles | Live In Stockholm 1972
Ray Charles | The Singles Collection 1949-62
The Chase | Not The F*cking Game Show EP
Chateau Chateau | Grow Up
Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice | Flux Populi
Chocolate Buttermilk Band | No Money – No Honey Single
Christian Death | Evil Becomes Rule
The Clams | The Complete Clams
Class:y | Class Is Over
Sabrina Claudio | Based On A Feeling
Clay | Breathing Into Bloom EP
Cleaver | No More Must Crawl
Cliffdiver | Exercise Your Demons
Caitlin Cobb-Vialet | Endless Void
Col3trane | Lush Life
Cosmic Putrefaction | Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones
Ben Craven | Monsters From the Id
Robert Cray Band | In My Soul Vinyl Reissue
Robert Cray Band | Nothin But Love Vinyl Reissue
Robert Takahashi Crouch | Ritual Variations
Sheryl Crow | Sheryl: Music From the Feature Documentary
Rachael Dadd | Flux Alchemy Part One
Ori Dagan | Click Right Here
Karen Dalton | Shuckin’ Sugar
The Damnnation | Way Of Perdition
Johnny Ray Daniels | Whatever You Need
Daou | Sanctuary
Miles Davis | Relaxin’ With the Miles Davis Quintet Vinyl Reissue
Deaf Club | Bad Songs Forever
De Arma | Nightcall EP
Noah Deemer | The Sleepwalker
Deep Tan | Diamond Horsetail
Jasdeep Singh Degun | Anomaly
Björn del Togno | Peaceweapon
Gabi DeMartino | Paintings of Me
Demonical | Mass Destroyer
Depressed Mode | Decade Of Silence
Rentree Des Classes | La Fin Des Contes
Desire | Escape
Desaparecidos | Read Music/Speak Spanish Reissue
The Dirty Truckers | The Tisbury Joneser
Disquiet | Instigate to Annihilate
Djevelkult | Drep Alle Guder
DNCE | Move
The Dogmatics | Drop That Needle
Doja Cat | Vegas
Aralee Dorough and Markus Reuter | Voyage of Blacwyd
Dream_E | Processed EP
Dream_E | Revived EP
dRy A | L’ Utopie du Juste Milieu
Dubstar | Two
C Duncan | Alluvium
Ella Mai | Heat Of My Sleeve
Ellevator | The Words You Spoke Still Move Me
DJ Emerson | Repetitive Music 2
Enhyphen | Dimension: 閃光
The Expanding Universe | One
Family Man | What’s New EP
Famyne | II: The Ground Below
Bill Fay | Still Some Light: Part 2
The Feeling | Loss. Hope. Love.
Feral Lord | Vires In Absoluto
Bryan Ferry | Love Letters EP
Alan Fitzpatrick | Learning To Love EP
Flee Lord & Mephux | Pray for the Evil 3
Flight Mode | Torshov, ’05 EP
Flor | Future Shine
Foreigner | The Best of Foreigner 4 Live: The Las Vegas Edition
Foul Body Autopsy | Shadows Without Light Part Two
Fozzy | Boombox
FredAtlast | Banner Of A Lost Belief
John Fred and His Playboy Band | Judy In Disguise With Glasses Reissue
Cody Frost | Teeth
Max Frost | Flying Machines EP
Frou Frou | Guitar Song
Furyon / Anymus | Trance Exploder / Trance Atlantic Flow Split Single
Minoru “Hoodoo” Fushimi | Thanatos Of Funk Reissue
Fuzz Meadows | Orange Sunshine
Lady Gaga | Hold My Hand
Gentleman Jesse | Compass EP
Nico Georis | Desert Mirror
Kenneth James Gibson | Groundskeeping
Gilt | Conceit EP
Girls Against Boys | House of GVSB Vinyl
Glazed | The Chillogy EP
Gnarfunkel | Gnarnia
Gooseberry | Broken Dance EP
Felipe Gordon | Superimposition
Govi | Where Do We Fall
Addison Grace | Immaturing EP
Domanique Grant | Queen / Dom Chapter 1: Queen
Hans Gruber and the Die Hards | With A Vengeance
Guerrilla Ghost | Reimagined Hellscapes
Aundrey Guillaume | Energy
Guitarricadelafuente | La Cantera
Halestorm | Back From The Dead
Cellus Hamilton | His Songbook For The Journey
Jack Harlow | Come Home The Kids Miss You
Hater | Sincere
Haunted By Silhouettes | No Man Isle EP
Haunter | Discarnate Ails
Chesney Hawkes | The Complete Picture: The Albums 1991-2012
Hefner | Dead Media Reissue
Lande Hekt | Romantic
Rubin Henkel | Restless
Doug Henthorn | Three
Hermitude | Mirror Mountain
Kelly Hoppenjans | Can’t Get The Dark Out EP
Hundred Sins | Opera
Hydroplane | Hydroplane Reissue
Iamgawd X The Black Depths | Murder Castle
I Am Snow Angel | Lost World
I Am The Night | While The Gods Are Sleeping
Ibaraki | Rashomon
Ibeyi | Spell 31
Icare | Charogne
IDK & Kaytranada | Simple
Shoko Igarashi | Simple Sentences
Carly Rae Jepsen | Western Wind
Jermiside & The Expert | The Overview Effect
Don Johnson Big Band | Digital Physical
Sly Johnson | 55​.​4
Marc Jordan & Amy Sky | He Sang, She Sang
Jorgenic | Vs. The Information
Joyfultalk | Familiar Science
The Juliana Theory | Still The Same Kids Pt.1 EP
Kaleidobolt | This One Simple Trick
KayCyy | Borrow
Mack Keane & ESTA | Intersections EP
Kelz | 5am And I Can’t Sleep
Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 | Kumoyo Island
King Yosef | The Ever Growing Wound EP
Kisskadee | Black Hole Era
The Knack | Live At The House Of Blues 2001
Knucks | Alpha Place
Kopperland | Archaic Smile
Krush Puppies | Love Kills The Demons EP
Kungens Män | Kungens Ljud & Bild
Laddio Bolocko | Laddio Bolocko ’97-’99
Lady Neptune | Noz
Lalalar | Bi Cinnete Bakar
Leandrul | Versions EP
Brennen Leigh ft. Asleep At The Wheel | Obsessed With the West
Leather Lung | Dive Bar Devil EP
John Lee | The Artist
Brennen Leigh | Obsessed With The West
Jens Lekman | The Linden Trees Are Still in Blossom
Lil Gotit | The Cheater
Jani Liimatainen | My Father’s Son
Jim Lindberg | Songs From The Elkhorn Trail
Jody Lo | The Black Sheep Effect
Tove Lo | No One Dies From Love
Lync Lone | Magick Tricks
Longhair | Hotel Solaris
Lord Of The Lost | The Heartbeat Of The Devil
Love & Pain | It Comes in Waves
Darlene Love | The Many Sides of Love: The Complete Reprise Recordings Plus!
Luke Lover | Luke Lover
Francesco Lurgo | Sleep Together Folded Like Origami
Magugu | Pidgin & Bass
Majoredm | Mach 1
Malneezy | Everything Will Be Okay
Melissa Manchester | Live ’77
Gabriella Marinaro | Inner Space EP
The Mary Veils | Esoteric Hex…
Maryze | 8
Master | Collection of Souls Reissue
Master | Faith is In Season Reissue
Leyla McCalla | Breaking The Thermometer
Meat Puppets | Live Manchester 2019
Mercury Machine | Second Life
Almon Memela | Funky Africa
Method Man | The Meth Lab Season 3: The Rehab
Valorie Miller | Only The Killer Would Know
Sofia Mills | Baby Magic
Molten Chains | Orisons of Vengeance
Vieri Cervelli Montel | I
Moonraker | The Forest
Tommaso Moretti | Inside Out
Morgue Supplier | Inevitability
Motor Sister | Can’t Get High Enough
Kikagaku Moyo | Kikagaku Moyo
Muito Kaballa | Little Child
Mungk | Wood​/​Water EP (ft. Centauri)
The Mutual Torture | The Mutual Torture
Estee Nack X Sadhugold. | Surfinongold.wav II: Estee Nack The Order Of The Golden Fleece
Mika Nakashima | I
Graham Nash | Live: Songs For Beginners, Wild Tales
Jon Natchez | Luzzu Soundtrack
N8Noface | Homicide
Night Court | Nervous Birds Too
Nikolaienko | Nostalgia Por Mesozóica
Nitty Gritty Band | Dirt Does Dylan
Nuitarie | Ghost Love Stories EP
Ogi | Monologues EP
Oh No | Dr. No’s Lost Beach
Onyria | Feed The Monster
Orquesta de la Linterna eScarlata | BlueOrange
Lil Zay Osama | Trench Baby 3
Otoboke Beaver | Super Champon
Ou | One
Palm Skin Productions | Other Times
Patristic | Apologetica
Jessica Pavone | .​.​.​of Late
Peaness | World Full of Worry
Astor Piazzolla | The American Clavé Recordings
Pink Mountaintops | Peacock Pools
Pink Siifu & Yungmorpheus | Bag Talk Deluxe
Randi Pontoppidan & Povl Kristian | Life in Life
Osaka Popstar | Eat Candy
Posthuman Abomination | Mankind Recall
Praise | All In A Dream
Psychosis | Lifeforce 30th Anniversary Edition
Puppy | Pure Evil
Pure Reason Revolution | Above Cirrus
Ariane Racicot | Envolée
Raffi | Nursery Rhymes for Kinder Times
Aaron Raitiere | Wide Dreamer
Ravenwiek | Barren Grounds
Reaper | Disruptor
Reaven | For Tomorrow
Red City Radio | Live at Gothic Theatre
Red Mesa | Forest Cathedral
Red Snapper | Everybody Is Somebody
Revbjelde | Amicus
Reyes / Stokowy Duo | Northern: Ashroud Is My Country
The Rills | Do It Differently
R.I.P. | Still Resting
Rise Carmine | No Coup For Anyone EP
Rise To The Sky | Every Day, A Funeral
Lauren Ritter, Tenesha The Wordsmith | Particles of Sound
Ritual | Enigma EP
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever | Endless Rooms
Rowan | Does It Make You Happy?
Rozen | Ghibli Secret Hideaway
Rumjacks / Flatfoot 56 | Split EP
Running Touch | Carmine
Saâda Bonaire | 1992
Sadurn | Radiator
Will Samson | Active Imagination
Emeli Sandé | Let’s Say For Instance
Sandrider | Sandrider Vinyl Reissue
Savage Republic | Tragic Figures 40th Anniversary Edition
Scars | Trust No One Reissue
Timothy B. Schmit | Day By Day
John Scofield | John Scofield
Aaron Seeber | First Move
Léa Sen | You Of Now Pt. 1 EP
Serpente | Dias da Aranha
The Shipbuilders | Spring Tide
Sigrid | How To Let Go
Jaymie Silk | The Rise & Fall Of Jaymie Silk & Rave Culture
Lu Silver | Luneliness
Silverstein | Misery Made Me
Matt Simons | Identify Crisis
Simple Plan | Harder Than It Looks
Sleep Sinatra & Kngkvmi | Brainstormz
Sister Cookie | In The Blue Corner
Ches Smith | Interpret It Well
Soccer96 | Inner Worlds
Soft Cell | *Happiness Not Included
Somatic Decay | Demo
Jeff Scott Soto | Complicated
Spasticus / Boia | Spasticating Exacution Split EP
Regina Spektor | 11:11 20th Anniversary Box Set
Le Sserafim | Fearless
Kate Stables | Flux Alchemy EP Part 1
Stand Atlantic | F.E.A.R.
Staples Jr. Singers | When Do We Get Paid Reissue
The Step | London Soul: You Want It, You Got It!
Stöner | Totally…
Stoney & Meatloaf | Everything Under the Sun: The Motown Recordings
Dexter Story & Carlos Niño | Feel Recordings Volume 1
Strange Horizon | Beyond The Strange Horizon
Strange Parade | The Watchers
The Stroppies | Levity
Christopher Sutton | You Brought Me Back From The Dead (Selected Songs, 1998​-​2019)
Sunflower Bean | Headful of Sugar
Survive | Live At Death Valley
Suspiria | Psychologically Impaled Vinyl Reissue
Suss | Promise Live
Swaya | EXistence
Syberia | Nothing Inside
S-X & KSI | Locked Out
Zero T & Onj | Kilburn
Quon Tama | Initium
Norma Tanega | I’m the Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964–1971
Tenebro | L’inizio Di Un Incubo
Terror | Pain Into Power
Thaïs | Tout Es Parfair: Acte Un EP
This Is Oblivion | This Is Oblivion
Richard Thompson | Grizzly Man Soundtrack Reissue
Three Days Grace | Explosions
Through Mists | Kingdom of the Sky
Tinky | Totemz / Dead Language
To End It All | Tour Tape 2022
Jonah Tolchin | Lava Lamp
Tómarúm | Ash in Realms of Stone Icons
Tone Ranger | Desert Rose
Tourist | Inside Out
Tragedy Ann | Heirlooms
Slippery Trashmouf | Smiley Nonsense EP
John Tsung | Empire Postcards
Dave Tucker, Pat Thomas, Thurston Moore, Mark Sanders | Educated Guess Vol. 2
Turbo World | My Challenger
Ike & Tina Turner | The Best Of
2Poos | Riley’s Dad
Tzompantli | Tlazcaltiliztli
Ufomammut | Fenice
Unfortunately Steven | Groovy Avocado Disco
Upon A Burning Body | Fury
Hüma Utku | The Psychologist
Vague | Out Soon
Kalia Vandever | Regrowth
Sharon Van Etten | We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong
Various Artists | Doctor Who: Hornets’ Nest
Various Artists | Moonlight Is Our Sunshine
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call a Decade 2000s
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Music! 82
Eddie Vedder | Ukulele Songs Vinyl Reissue
Vega Trails | Tremors in the Static
Vero | Unsoothing Interior
Daniel Villarreal | Panamá 77
The Vision Ablaze | Embers
Orlando Voorn | Heist Mastercuts EP
Wilma Vritra | Grotto
Alune Wade | Sultan
Wallice | ’90s American Superstar
Suki Waterhouse | I Can’t Let Go
Wallice | 90s American Superstar EP
Warpaint | Radiate Like This
PM Warson | Dig Deep Repeat
Warthog | Warthog
The Waterboys | All Souls Hill
Whatitdo Archive Group | Live At: Archive Group Studios
Whitesnake | Greatest Hits
The Who | A Quick One Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl
The Who | My Generation Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl
Whoresnation | Dearth
Wiki | Half God
Willful Boys | World Ward Word Sword
Windwaker | Love Language
George Winston | Night
Wo Fat | The Singularity
Alison Wonderland | Loner
Wun Two | Ships II
Xqui | Fallen Water
XTC | Mummer Vinyl Reissue
Yawners | Duplo
Chuck Yoakum | The Paisley Garden Project
Neil Young | Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1971
Neil Young | Live At Royce Hall
Neil Young | Citizen Kane Jr. Blues (Live At The Bottom Line)
Yung Alvin | Bomba (ft. Sola & GNOV)
Zakoor | Life Cycle
Zalagasper | Love Letter
Zimoun | Guitar Studies I​-​III