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Albums Of The Week: Maldita | Maldita

The Toronto foursome come on strong with their sophomore set of punk en Español.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Maldita deliver a raw noise assault with their new self-titled album.

“The album covers an array of dark subjects including domestic abuse, the pitfalls of the patriarchy and humanity in general,” says singer Rosa Venerosa. It focuses on the global agony that all of us are going through. With it, we hope to reach people. We want to inspire others to take action, to make this world a better place, to battle apathy. Musically we have evolved towards a more hardcore, darker sound to match the density of our charged lyrics.”

This album is the band’s sophomore release and was recorded in Toronto in June 2021 by Preston (Wounded Paw Records) and mastered by Jack Butcher (Enormous Door). Maldita are a Spanish-speaking hardcore punk quartet based in Toronto. With a diverse range of sounds and socially and politically charged lyrics, their sound takes influence from various international scenes including Scandinavian, Japanese, U.K., and Spanish hardcore.”