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Thursday Mixtape | 97 Songs To Distract You From Reality (Side 5)

Let’s face it: Today has not been the best day for humanity at large. And while I can’t do anything about a dead-eyed, deranged Bond villain wannabe who thinks slaughtering innocent people and threatening the world with nuclear weapons is the best way to compensate for his micro-penis, flabby man-tits and receding hairline, I can try to take your mind off the whole grim situation for a while. To that end, here are 97 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes and unearthed classics for your enjoyment. For some reason, there’s a lot of metal and dance music today. So this playlist is good for raging, raving, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Today’s Tinnititst-approved tracks are flagged with a ☀️, because we could all use a little more of that in our world. Enjoy. And if we can get #FlabbyVladdyHasaMicroPenis trending, so much the better.



☀️ 67 | Traams | Sleeper

68 | Roland & Albert | Radio Active Camel Hair

69 | Logic1000 | Can’t Stop Thinking About

70 | Planningtorock | Girl You’ve Got My Heart (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

71 | Telefis | Ballytransnational

72 | Fred Again & India Jordan | Admit It (U Don’t Want 2)

73 | Wookerz | Tell Me

74 | Elias Martinsen | Sun On The Horizon

75 | Maddiman | Chill Life Fine

76 | Groovy D | BadderDanDem (ft. Trim)

77 | Kaktus Einarsson | 45rpm (JFDR Remix)

78 | Mondmann, Eva Luna | Surviving