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Albums Of The Week: EinsEinsEins | Zwei

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance to a spaceed-out Krautrock band that hits the sweet spot between Kraftwerk, Devo, Can and more. Touch my monkey!

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE (TRANSLATED FROM GERMAN):EinsEinsEins Zwei is the heartbeat of digital globalization. A current that opposes the ever-same. The opium for society whose life is constructed of ones and zeros.

EinsEinsEins have discovered their voices on this album. You use pop as an instrument of critical observation. The album awakens a compulsive desire of the one, the two. They are never ashamed of using big melodies that are thrown energetically into the world. The album moves outside the concept of genres, a term deliberately misunderstood by EinsEinsEins. No piece is like the other and yet everything is one. Graf Zahl initiates the journey with a feeling of departure arises. Plastic Love brings The Model into the 21st century. Gasetageheizung and Regit Etarak challenge. Passive listening becomes impossible. Nachtigall and Nur Fuchs release the tension and catch the listener like sirens. At the end there is a beginning again.

After the destruction of their planet ĬİĨ through resource exploitation and wars, EinsEinsEins found shelter on the blue planet Earth after a long journey. There they lived underground for years to acquire Earthling looks, customs, and idiosyncrasies. However, they quickly realized that countless disturbances — caused by human activity — threaten the balance of the Earth. Therefore, onenesses use the medium of music to send their cosmic sounds into the vastness of the universe and to contact possible survivors of their home planet. Their encoded sound waves are used to alter human behavior in order to avert an imminent apocalypse. They bring peace!”

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