I Am The Mountain | Overthinking Conversations: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Calgary indie-rockers scale new sonic heights with an epic musical triptych.


I Am The Mountain go through some momentous changes over the epic course of their magnificent new single and video Overthinking Conversations — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Clocking in at over eight minutes, the Calgary sextet’s ambitious track is far from your typical indie-rock offering. After kicking off as a tender emotional ballad, the expansive musical triptych busts open into a blisteringly heavy and propulsive middle section before downshifting into a full orchestral reprise that closes the cut. Clearly, they put a lot of thought into it — which is sort of the whole point.

Overthinking Conversations speaks to the uncontrollable automatic process that clouds our minds on a daily occurrence,” lead vocalist Colton O’Reilly explains. “The song is a deep dive into the concept of getting stuck in your own head while overanalyzing social situations, and the difficulties of being yourself, even with your own friends. If you’ve ever been caught up in your own thoughts, just know your friends still accept and care about you (cause they’re probably overthinking everything, too).”

And although the band are releasing a radio edit of the song, they used the full version for the cinematic video. “The videographer who worked on our music video is Finn Westbury, who is a professional sponsored snowboarder, and has filmed many snowboard and skateboarding films for his company SRD Productions,” O’Reilly says. “Our music video combines the two worlds of short film and skateboarding videos into an emotional story of heartbreak and rediscovering yourself.”

Beginning as a folk project of singer-songwriter O’Reilly, I Am The Mountain’s late-night campfire-soul songs have echoed through almost every music-friendly space in Calgary. As the band grew into a full ensemble, the heart-on-sleeve earnestness of their early work has morphed into luxurious still lifes coloured with smart drumming, scintillating sparkly guitars and rich horns. We’re here for each other is their mantra, so be there for them.

Watch Overthinking Conversations above, check out more from I Am The Mountain below and keep up with them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.