Dracula Jackson Is Falling Apart

The multi-tasking multi-talent serves up the leadoff track from his album Together.

Dracula Jackson struggles to keep it together on his new single and video Apart — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The opening track from his fittingly title new album Together, the poppy alt-rock nugget Apart finds Jackson (actual first name: Sean) “lamenting the discomfort of waiting for his love, and longs for the relief following their return.” It isn’t just creative songcraft; Jackson drew from his reality — he went through a divorce while creating the album. Luckily, he also met his true love in the process, and this inspiration helped him complete the project. “Apart foreshadowed my new soulmate, even describing her physical beauty, years before we would ever meet,” Jackson reveals.

On Together, Jackson takes us through a journey of life’s greatest challenges, feats and triumphs. Each track on the album finds its inspiration from some aspect of his life, all penned to perfection and laid bare. “Together is a semi-autobiographical collection of songs; written and recorded during an intense period of time for me,” he says.

For example: The track Burn found life after he was rear-ended on a highway en route to a gig. “All my gear was strewn across the highway,” he recalls. “I was taken to the hospital, but still made it to the gig, and I played a short set with the other band’s guitar rig.” Daydream is about a pair of friends who fantasize about burning down an abandoned house. Superthruster is dedicated to Jackson’s dog. Together and Always are the “purest joining of life and art,” he says. “Both are the sincerest of love notes: Together is a statement of intent, while Always responds to a moment where it looked like all may be lost.”

The multi-instrumentalist and producer has been honing his craft since grade school. Over the years, he has penned dozens of original tracks, and performed on countless stages. A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Jackson has cultivated a unique sound inside his own home studio (where he acts as producer as well.) In addition to this project, Jackson is the other half of Maryland’s Lily and the Pearl, an alterative folk rock group with his wife Laura Brino.

Watch Apart above, check out Together below, and find Dracula Jackson at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instragram.