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Next Week in Music | Jan. 17-23 • The Long List: 275 Releases On The Way

Here's something to look forward to amid all the post-holiday pandemic suckage.

It’s the middle of January. The holidays bills are coming due. The weather sucks. The sun sets before dinner. Omicron is raging. You’re stuck inside the house. Again. But amid all that vast suckage, here’s something to look forward to: More than 275 other new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes. OK, it’s not as exciting as winning the lottery. But hey, beggars and choosers.



Olli Aarni | Loput
Ben Abraham | Friendly Fire
Abyssus | Death Revival
Affection | Remnants
Age Of Apocalypse | Grim Wisdom
Christina Aguilera | Santo (ft. Ozuna)
The Alive | Turned Up To Destroy
Altopalo | Farawayfromeveryoneyouknow (but wait—there’s more!)
Mat Andasun | Full Circuit
Angered Wrecks | Bennies, Booze & R&R 1981
Anxious | Little Green House
Artamene | Ziggurat
Artsick | Fingers Crossed
Anna Ash | Sleeper
Ashes of Ares | Emperors and Fools
Astro JinJin & Rocky | Restore
AUA | The Damaged Organ
Aurora | The Gods We Can Touch
Bad Boy Chiller Crew | Disrespectful
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol | Ensemble 2016
Brad Barr | The Winter Mission
Battle Beast | Circus of Doom
Beach House | Once Twice Melody: Chapter 3
Rachel Beetz | Unofficial
Eddie Berman | Broken English
Biggabush | Freevisited
Billy Talent | Crisis Of Faith
Black Holes Are Cannibals | Surfacer
Boris | W
Boy Harsher | The Runner
Brothers Osborne | Skeletons Deluxe
Buckshot | Hayride
Buller | Kalas
Bullet Ride | At the Gates of Hell
Bzdet | Nie Ma Nic
Cactus | The Birth Of Cactus
The Danny Cannon Show | #3​:​Underschôn
Daniel Carter, Ayumi Ishito, Eric Plaks, Zach Swanson, Jon Panikkar | Open Question Vol. 1
Julie Christensen | 11 From Kevin: Songs of Kevin Gordon
Chrystabell | Midnight Star
Chris Church | Darling Please
Clan Destine Click | Thee Alpha & Thee Omega Vol IX
Claptrap | Adulting
Sabrina Claudio | Put On Repeat
Clever Hopes | Aftefact
Collapsing Scenery | Acid Casual
Comeback Kid | Heavy Steps
Com Truise | Galactic Melt 10th Anniversary Edition
Confess | Revenge At All Costs
Danielia Cotton | Good Day
Cøunts | Screams Of Freedom
Crass | Normal Never Was – Revelations – The Remix Compilation
Cromby | Loving (w/ Head High Remix)
Pan Dajing | Tissues
Elizio De Buzios | Tamanqueiro Single
Simone De Kunovich | Mondo Nuovo
deLillos | Evige Dager
Mariangela Demurtas | Dark Ability EP
Diabol Boruta | Żywioły
Diamond Dogs | Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous
Iann Dior | On To Better Things
Dødskvad | Krønike II
Don Fernando | You Are My Blood
DownTown Mystic | 21st Century Rock ‘n Roll
Linda Draper | Patience and Lipstick
Paige Drobot | Repeating / Hustler
Druid Lord | Relics of the Dead
Gui Duvignau | Baden
Echotide | Into The Half Light
Ludovico Einaudi | Underwater
EinsEinsEins | Zwei
Tinsley Ellis | Devil May Care
El Michels Affair | Things Done Changed
Elujay | Circmvnt
Sertab Erener | Güle Güle Şekerim: Her Dem Yeşil
The Ergs! | Time And The Season
Silvana Estrada | Marchita
Fast Eddy | Take A Look
The Ferrymen | One More River To Cross
Flying Moon In Space | Remix EP
40 Watt Sun | Perfect Light
Foxtails | Fawn
FrazyL | Mon Odyssée
Fromis_9 | Midnight Guest
Cody Fry | The Symphony Sessions
Fucked Up | Demos 7”
Fucked Up | Epics in Minutes
Fusion Point | Acidic Rain
Jake Xerxes Fussell | Good And Green Again
Fhunyue Gao & Sven Kacirek | Hoya
Geoffroy | Live Slow Die Wise
Ghostly Kisses | Heaven, Wait
Giant | Shifting Time
Gilmore Trail | Impermanence
Eileen Gogan with Sean O’Hagan | Another Golden Day EP
Lucy Gooch | Rushing EP Expanded Edition
Goodnight, Texas | How Long Will It Take Them To Die
Addison Grace | I Wanna Be a Boy
Grave For Gods | The Oldest Gods
Great American Ghost | Torture World EP
Greensky Bluegrass | Stress Dreams
Griff | Head on Fire
Haku | Wakamono NIkki
The Jonny Halifax Invocation | Acid Blüüs Räägs : Vol. 1
Raine Hamilton | Brave Land
Hanging Garden | Neither Moth Nor Rust
Kate Havnevik | Lightship
Mark Hawkins | The Wash EP
Walker Hayes | Country Stuff: The Album
Hazemaze | Hazemaze Reissue
Hazemaze | Hymns Of The Damned Reissue
Healing Fantasy | Pilot Program
Heir Apparent | Graceful Inheritance
Hellfox | The Call
Hollow Twin | Soft Hearts
Hook | From, Hook
Jana Horn | Optimism
Hugar | Rift
Husbands | Full-On Monet
Hypho | Time Is Now White Vol​.​10
Janis Ian | The Light at the End of the Line
Indigo Birds | The Influence Of Loneliness
Inside Voices | Liminal Space EP
The Janitors | Noisolation Sessions Vol​.​2
The January Lanterns | For the Kids, When They’re Older
Jazzanova | Creative Musicians (Waajeed & Henrik Schwarz Remixes)
Jazzy Bazz | Memoria
Michael Johnothan | Cosmic Banjo
Kandia | Quarternary
Miles Kane | Change The Show
Kids On A Crime Spree | Fall In Love Not In Line
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | Butterfly 3001
Tennyson King | Good Company
Kissin’ Dynamite | Not The End Of The Road
Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee | Bamanan
Boris Kozlov | First Things First
Lagheads | What Is Lagheads?
Kyla La Grange | While Your Heart’s Still Beating
Lalu | Paint The Sky
Lane 8 | Reviver
Lil Seyi | Remixes EP
The Little Bits | Girl Give Me Love
Little North | Familiar Places
The Longest Johns | Smoke and Oakum
Lonny | Ex-Voto
Lord Nelson | Transmission
Lost Dog Street Band | Glory
Les Louanges | Crash
Lucid Dreams | Lucid Dreams
Luna (루나) | Moonlight
Logan Lynn | New Money
Magic City Hippies | Water Your Garden
Etta Marcus | View from the Bridge
Koichi Matsukaze Trio feat Ryojiro Furusawa | At The Room 427
Mauve | Imaginary
Harvey McLaughlin | Long Atomic Monday
Mekdes | Greedy
John Mellencamp | Strictly A One-Eyed Jack
Mello Music Group | Mandala
The Mellos | Seviin
Metacara | Another World
Midnite Hellion | Kingdom Immortal
Minneriket | Gjennom meg går ingen til hvile
Mint Field | Soñé
Mirod | Birthday Boy
Moha MMZ | Euphoria
Keb’ Mo’ | Good To Be
Modern Error | Victim Of A Modern Age
Maria Moles | For Leolanda
Jesper Munk | Taped Heart Sounds
NC17 | Nasty Habits EP
Nein Rodere | Catch up with What Party +
Nepthisis | Spiral Hollow
Night Crickets | A Free Society
NLE Choppa | Me Vs. Me
Nocturna | Daughters of the Night
Che Noir | Food For Thought
Paul Oakenfold | Shine On
Aoife O’Donovan | Age Of Apathy
Ol’ Burger Beats | Loft
Owel | The Salt Water Well
Palace | Shoals
Pepa Päivinen | Personal Breath
Paper Route Empire | Long Live Dolph
The Parrots | Dos Vinyl
Penny and Sparrow | Olly Olly
Pensées Nocturnes | Douce Fange
Pictures | It’s OK
Planeswalker | Tales of Magic
Los Planetas | Las Canciones del Agua
Allah Preme & Mallori Knox | Guns Oil N’ Drugs 2
Kevin Preston | Caprice EP
Private Home Videos | In Light Of EP
Prøvost | You Are The Universe EP
PT Musik | El Mundo Oscuro
DJ Python | Club Sentimientos Vol. 2
Kady Rain | Kady Rain
Hania Rani | Live from Studio S2 (Complete Session)
The Rasmus | Jezebel
Reptaliens | Multiverse
Byron Rimes | Greatest Hits
Road Trip | Merry Go Round
Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz | Surely Will Be Singing
Roll Roxx | It’s You
Michael Rother & Vittoria Maccabruni | As Long As The Light
Salo | From Melmac With Hate
Schwizzle D.A.W.G. | Always Appreciated
Scrabbel | The Good, The Bad, The Dokkaebi
The Second Hand Orchestra | Reimagining the Wide, Wide River
Sei Still | Fuzz Club Session
SetYøurSails | Nightfall
Seven Eyed Crow | Icarus
Sgpwes | Luna
Sana Shenai | Warm Former
The Sherlocks | World I Understand
Shot Down Twice | Shot Down Twice
Silverbacks | Archive Material
The Slambovian Circus of Dreams | A Very Unusual Head
Sleepwulf | Sunbeams Curl
Slumberjack | Dichotomy
Som | The Shape of Everything
The Soundcarriers | Wilds
Tiago Sousa | Organic Music Tapes Vol​.​1
Mud Spencer | Fuzz Soup
Luke Stewart’s Silt Trio | The Bottom
Brian Straw | Baby Stars/Dead Languages
Robert Stillman | What Does It Mean To Be American?
Brian Straw | Baby Stars/Dead Languages
Stress Dolls | Forward
Tove Styrke | Show Me Love
Sunczar | Bearer Of Light
Sunka | Sendero
Ben Sures | The Story That Lived Here
Keifer Sutherland | Bloor Street
Teddy Swims | Tough Love EP
System 01 | System 01
Tanya Tagaq | Tongues
Telefís | a hAon
Teleskop + Wooden Peak | Human | Machine | Nature
Teyo! | What I Couldn’t Do
Theodor Bastard | Vetvi
Theos | Turn Up Marty EP
Through The Noise | Tragedies
Tin Woodman | Songs For Eternal Lovers
25-ji, Nightcord De. | Kagirinaku Haiiro e / ID Smile
U.K. Subs | Sensei Single
Unwed Sailor | Live at CommVess EP
Hikaru Utada | Bad Mode
Various Artists | Annie Live! Original Soundtrack
Various Artists | The Jazz All Stars Vol. 2
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call Punk & New Wave
Various Artists | Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph
Various Artists | Revolt Into Style 1979
Various Artists | 6 x10 = 60 Vol. 1 & 2
Various Artists | Strata Records: The Sound Of Detroit – Reimagined By Jazzanova
Various Artists | Sun Records’ 70th Anniversary Compilation, Vol. 1 Vinyl
Various Artists | Wiaiwya: Silver Discs No. 3
Verikalpa | Tunturihauta
Victoria and Jacob | Theia Mania Remixes
Volkoder & Meca | Feel Good
The Wedding Present | We Should Be Together / Don’t Give Up without a Fight
Erik Walters | Erik Walters
The Waterboys | The Magnificent Seven: The Fisherman’s Blue/Room To Roam band 1989-90
Jamie Webster | Moments
The Whitmore Sisters | Ghost Stories
John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra | Complete Philips Recordings
Mary Wilson | The Motown Anthology
Witches Broom | Witches Broom
Yard Act | The Overload
Yeahman | Ostriconi Remixes
Years & Years | Night Call
Yeat | 2 Alivë
Yena | Smiley
YoungBoy Never Broke Again | Colors
Young T & Bugsey | Truth Be Told
Yuju | [REC.]
Zukai (ズカイ) | Oxygen / Kini Tomenaide (酸素 / 気に留めないで)