Banggz Wants To Know Who’s Gassing Who?

The Ottawa rapper stands out from the crowd with his upbeat new release.


Banggz cuts through the hype with his piercing new single and video Who’s Gassing Who? — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

On his latest track, the up-and-coming Ottawa rapper brings light to his unique music background while grabbing the attention of listeners. Atop a head-nodding mix of heavy-hitting drum samples and synthesizers, Banggz uses bombastic lyrics to uplift and inspire listeners while driving home his critical message: “I’m cut from a different cloth.”

“I was drawn to the hook, ‘If I am fly and you are fly then who’s the pilot?’ It refers to the plethora of rappers making music and separates me from them.” The atmosphere that Banggz generates in his production style, coupled with his ever-growing level of professional experience, indicates that this rapper can walk the walk.

However, it’s not all hard talk for Banggz. He also reflects a little on his own life in Who’s Gassing Who? while expressing a bit of vulnerability. “In the second verse, I tried opening up more about my life outside of music and what I struggle with. The verse, ‘I am not afraid of anything or anyone but college’ shows that I believe my aspirations are likely to come to fruition beyond the four walls of a learning institution.”

Though a relative newcomer, the Nigerian rapper is in full control of his sound. Banggz often approaches his music endeavours singlehandedly, handling production as well as penning and performing he works while taking inspiration from multiple genres of music — including hip-hop, afrobeat, jazz, and funk.

Watch Who’s Gassing Who? above, hear more from Banggz below, and keep up with at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.