Michelle Titian Takes A Soul-Searching Drive

The Hamilton singer-songwriter presents a frank tale of addiction and recovery.

Michelle Titian journeys toward honesty and recovery in her emotionally raw and revealing single Drive (Radio Edit) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A frank tale of addiction, love, determination and struggle, Drive (Radio Edit) sets the Hamilton singer-songwriter’s stirring, soaring vocals and lyrics full of hard-earned insight and clarity against an elegant backdrop of piano, strings and guitar. “It takes a village to spread the word and help others struggling with addiction,” Titian shares. “This song has been a tremendous part of my healing, and my wish is that it inspires hope in anyone who is struggling, or simply needing a friend on the toughest of days.”

Created with the help of producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber, The Good Lovelies), Drive (Radio Edit) is an immersive example of Titian’s ability to effortlessly arrange melodies and harmonies that tap into human emotions, and share artful lyrics that speak to the soul. Her songs are an open and unashamed exposure of her battle with addiction and depression, her journey to recovery, and the love she feels for her life now; each recording serves as a testament to the strength that can manifest through vulnerability, and the wonderful connections that can be built through an honest soul.

Check out Drive (Radio Edit) above, hear more from Michelle Titian below, and connect with her at her website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.