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Q&A Cruise Through Their Demo-Listen Derby

Go along for a musical spin with the duo of Tony Quarrington & Zoey Adams.

Q&A take you for a joyride with their new album Demo-Listen Derby — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest creation of Juno-winning jazz guitarist, composer and producer Tony Quarrington and vocalist, actress and comedienne Zoey Adams, the punningly titled collection of new original music shifts gears thrillingly and effortlessly from jazz to blues to country to bossa nova to Cajun and back again.

The journey begins with You Never Let Me Down, an upbeat, smoothly swinging opus that pays sweet tribute to a steadfast loved one. Propelled by Quarrington’s stellar guitar, Adams’ perky vocal and violin lines of Shelley Coopersmith, the song underlines the importance of dependability in a great relationship, much like Quarrington and Adams’ 15-year musical partnership.

The two artists were first brought together by the late broadcaster, author and Vinyl Cafe creator Stuart McLean. In 2005, McLean asked Quarrington to compose a cycle of songs that became Vinyl Cafe: The Musical. Then, Quarrington and Adams were hired to sing the characters’ songs in the musical. That project opened the door to their continuing musical partnership. Demo-Listen Derby was originally conceived as a showcase to present these songs to other artists. But the songs and performances were too good to leave them on the shelf.

Other highlights from the album include Sweet Destruction, a funky Nashville duet depicting a relationship that you know is bad for you but is too sweet to pass up. The Old House is a gentle meditative ballad about a common recurring dream of revisiting one’s childhood home. The Cajun waltz Blue Bayou Lullaby features Quarrington on lead vocals backed by percussion “implements” from the kitchen drawers and toolbox, plus an iPhone. There is also a ballad featuring a string trio, a tribute to legendary singer-songwriter John Prine and a song co-written by Tony and the late, great Mose Scarlett.

Watch You Never Let Me Down above, hear Demo-Listen Derby below, and get more information from their website and Facebook.