Thursday Mixtape (Side 1) | 84 Songs To Teach You A Lesson

I spent a big chunk of the day interviewing musicians. One guy didn’t show up on time. Based on the wildly psychedelic freakiness of his music, I figured he was probably stoned out of his gourd somewhere. Turns out he was busy home-schooling his daughter. As Chuck Berry said: It goes to show you never can tell. Unless, of course, you’re talking about today’s lineup of 84 new singles, videos, cover tunes and remixes. In that case, you know you’re in for a great time — featuring plenty of hidden treasures you can’t dig up anywhere else. Today’s Tinnitist-approved tracks (including all the songs in this section) are flagged with a 📕. Get schooled:



1 | Neal Francis | Alameda Apartments

2 | Restless Spirit | Cascade Immolator

3 | The Three Tremors Bone Breaker

4 | Robert Plant & Alison Krauss | High And Lonesome

5 | Cat Power | A Pair Of Brown Eyes

6 | Big Scenic Nowhere | The Long Morrow

7 | Legendary Shack Shakers | Punk Rock Retirement Plan

8 | Lily Konigsberg | Proud Home

9 | Skatenigs | Hell and Back (Ten Feet Tall Remix by The Joy Thieves)

10 | The Mary Veils | Home Video

11 | Cassels | Charlie Goes Skiing