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Albums Of The Week: Secondhand Sound | Best And Worst Of Time

The Nashville newcomers make a strong first impression with their dynamic debut.

T HE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “We are Secondhand Sound. Your new favourite, young, unsigned, undiscovered, road ready, hard-hitting, hard-working, rock ’n’ rolling Nashville band.

Secondhand Sound consists of four members: Sawyer John Estok on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Cameron Schmidt on lead guitar and keys, Teagan Proctor on bass and Collin ‘Plank’ on drums. The four of us met in 2018, our freshman year of college in Nashville. Since then, we’ve played every show we possibly could, and have released two EPs and four singles. We write, record and perform our own music. There is a whole lot more music on the way.

In the spring of 2020, we collectively left school to give this thing a real shot. As you read this we are working harder than ever on making our dreams of being a stadium band a reality. I’m talking working part-time jobs in restaurants, car dealerships and golf courses to pay for studio time and rent. As soon as we can tour again we will be in your town, playing as hard and loud as we physically can. Until then, you can follow our story in real time on platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

At times, the world can seem like a dark place. If our music can be a light in even one person’s lives, then we’ve done our job. We encourage you all to stay educated on the issues and realities of modern world events. And for the love of gosh go tell your mama you love her. As always, the best is yet to come. Love, The Boys.”