Indie Roundup | 31 Tracks To Consume Your Thursday

Dboy, Wasted Shirt, Early Eyes, Pup and plenty more will eat up your workday.

Dboy double down, Wasted Shirt lose it, Early Eyes have had enough, Pup do it live, August Burns Red rise to the defence and more in today’s early Roundup. Don’t blame me if you don’t get anything done this afternoon.

1+2 | Dboy | Why Do You Only Luv a Dboy (who’s down)? / Thumbless


3 | Wasted Shirt | All is Lost

THE PRESS RELEASE:Wasted Shirt, the collaborative project of Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale, will release their debut album, Fungus II, Feb. 28. Leading into the album’s release, the duo present its second single, All is Lost, and an accompanying video. Album opener All is Lost is heavy and caustic. Both Segall (guitar, bass) and Chippendale (drums) sing on the track, offering fuzzy, scrappy vocals and screams. Its accompanying video, directed by Adam Davies and animated by Davies, Leili Tavallaei, and Nick McKernan, uses MRIs from humans, animals, and fruit on top of trippy claymation. “Like it’s a melty, hot mosh pit, we wanted to crawl inside the wave of energy Ty and Brian create,” says director Adam Davies. “We boiled and mixed clay, sliced it up and photographed the slices in sequence to match the dudes’ energy. Then while the breakdown pummels you, we blast you in the face with MRIs of humans, animals and fruit to make you go inside out to the beat.”

4 | Early Eyes | I’m Enough

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Electrifying Minneapolis indie-pop band Early Eyes have released their new single I’m Enough. “It’s mostly our attempt to capture a snapshot of how much stress, thought, obsession, and melancholy (amongst other things) goes into preparing yourself to simply go out to have fun,” explains Jake Berglove. “As somebody who struggles with body dysmorphia, and gender dysphoria preparing for a night out can be comparable to watching a season’s worth of Grey’s Anatomy in terms of emotional undertaking. It’s a process to attempt to love yourself long enough to at least get out the door!”

5 | Pup | Morbid Stuff Live

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following the end of the band’s recent world tour, a run that had them on the road for 9 months, Pup today share the video for Morbid Stuff, recorded live and shot on cheap handheld cameras handed out to 19 gig-goers the band personally connected with in advance of their recent London dates. The clip showcases the sweat-stained euphoria of the band’s shows and once again captures the unique bond between Pup and the people that come to their gigs, screaming every word.”

6 | August Burns Red | Defender

THE PRESS RELEASE:August Burns Red have been upholding the artistic pillars of technical proficiency, airtight grooves, and thoughtful lyricism in the hard rock world for 17 years. The two-time Grammy-nominated Pennsylvania quintet are pleased to announce their eighth full length, Guardians, out April 3. “The song Defender is about having that person who can come in and take some punches for you, and be in your corner during hard times,” says Brent Rambler. “I am quite the comic book fan and I thought the lyrics could easily turn into an awesome animated short story — kind of like if the pages of a comic were to come to life. Luckily, everyone else agreed and we have this sick video to go along with the song.”

7 | Pottery | Texas Drums Pt I

THE PRESS RELEASE:Pottery have detailed their debut LP – Welcome To Bobby’s Motel – out April 10, and shared the album’s single Texas Drums. A celebration of rhythm and groove, Welcome To Bobby’s Motel invites you to set yourself free, veering from highbrow motorik instrumentation to moments of playful discord. Texas Drums combines cultish chants with a trippy wall-of-noise breakdown, paying tribute to the simple joys of percussion. The song is accompanied by a music video that gives a surrealist look into the lives of a pair of unibrowed brothers. The clip is directed by Paul Jacobs and Jacob Shepansky from the band in collaboration with Meagan Callen and Montreal based filmmaker Charlie Coote.”

8 | Anna Meredith | Sawbones

THE PRESS RELEASE:Anna Meredith shares a video for Sawbones, the opening track rom her album Fibs. The video, directed by Foxall Studios, was shot on the roof of London’s Royal Festival Hall. “This track feels like the right way to kick Fibs off,” says Meredith. “I love the way it bursts out of the door from the off before propelling itself in new directions. It consists of my favourite things I like to use: builds, cross-rhythms, preposterous squelchy synths. When writing the opening rising lines I was vaguely thinking about the idea of a Shepard Tone which is a sort of audio optical illusion where it feels like something keeps on endlessly rising which is an idea I love.”

9 | Sharon Van Etten | Beaten Down

THE PRESS RELEASE:Sharon Van Etten follows 2019’s Remind Me Tomorrow, with a new single, Beaten Down, and its gorgeous accompanying video. “Beaten Down is about love, patience and empathy,” says Van Etten. “It’s about making life-changing choices and remaining strong enough to see them through.” Produced by John Congleton, the song opens with dark, minimalistic percussion and Van Etten’s smoldering voice before growing more textured, expanding with layered vocals, synths and keys.”

10 | Scenic Route to Alaska | Daydreaming

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Edmonton-based indie pop trio Scenic Route to Alaska have returned with their take on a 70’s summer rock ‘n’ roll single, Daydreaming. Inspired by simpler things like warm weather and watching the sun come up with ones you love, the band hopes to keep your toes tapping along. This release marks the start of a jam-packed year of new music for their loyal fans and new followers alike, including the release of their highly anticipated fifth full-length due this Fall. Accompanying the release is an outrageous new video directed by Juno-nominated Johnny Jansen and starring Matt Clarke.”

11 | Mayflower Madame | Vultures

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Psychedelic post-punk outfit Mayflower Madame are about to unleash a new wave of their dark and distinctive blend of post-punk, shoegaze and psychedelia on their forthcoming album Prepared for a Nightmare, to be released in late March. Ahead of that, they present the lead track Vultures, partly inspired by the art of George Grosz and Hieronymus Bosch. “Vultures was one of the first songs we wrote for the new album. We instantly liked the combination of the insistent, driving beat with the swirling, hypnotic guitars. It was all done rather quickly, piece by piece just seemed to fall into place naturally. The song shows our roots in post-punk and psychedelia, while also bringing in something new compared to our previous stuff,” says Trond Fagernes.”

12 | Silverstein | Bad Habits

THE PRESS RELEASE:Silverstein are celebrating their 20th anniversary, a rare milestone for any band but even more impressive for one that’s been as consistently active, influential, and crowd-pleasing as the Ontario-based post-hardcore legends. The band are celebrating all year long with a packed touring schedule and the release of their ninth studio album, A Beautiful Place To Drown, due out March 6. It’s an album that fittingly encapsulates the best of Silverstein while pushing their sound into daring new territory. Today the band are sharing the record’s blistering opener Bad Habits which highlights Silverstein’s signature blend of aggression and melody along with a mind-melting guitar solo from Intervals’ Aaron Marshall.”

13 | David Haerle | Go Do That With Sharon

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles singer/songwriter/guitarist David Haerle is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, Death Valley, due out May 8. Haerle has released the first single from the 15-track collection, Go Do That With Sharon. “The song’s kind of an inside joke between me and my partner Erica,” Haerle explains. “We have a very good friend, Sharon, who likes to do things some people might find a little offbeat or kooky, like the international UFO convention she just attended. When Erica and I are traveling, say on Interstate 15 and I exclaim, ‘I’d love to go explore that abandoned water park over there,’ something she has zero interest in, she’ll say ‘go do that with Sharon.’ Even in the best of relationships there will be interests both parties don’t share, so to be able to have other friends you can ‘go do that with’ is a healthy thing.”

14 | The Seshen | Take It All Away

THE PRESS RELEASE: “San Francisco Bay Area band The Seshen has released Take It All Away, their new single and lyric video. The song arrives ahead of their upcoming album Cyan, which will be available on Feb. 28. Take It All Away, the album’s third single and opening track, evokes images of power, strength and independence. Singer-lyricist Lalin St. Juste reflects on her own transformative and bold decision to cut ties with the things that no longer serve her: “The first few lines of this song were freestyle. What was coming out of me was the desire to break through being what others have wanted me to be. As a black, queer woman, there are a lot of ways in which I have been conditioned that do not serve my truth. I’m in a continuous process of taking away all these layers, healing this confusion, and taking back my power, my voice, my sense of self.”

15 | Giöbia | Plasmatic Idol

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Giöbia album Plasmatic Idol is simply awe-inspiring, with its collection of unearthly sounds and futurist atmospheres. Taking the listener to another dimension filled with sidereal dreams and mind travels, there is no doubt that Hawkwind and Pink Floyd come to mind… but it goes beyond the simple name-dropping as the foursome also masterfully — and freely! — blends hints of Italian prog, 70s horror movies, 60s garage and Californian psych. Smoothly produced by the band themselves, Plasmatic Idol flows like a kaleidoscopic wave and immerses you into the cosmos. Vintage organs and synthesizers are at the heart of the album’s dynamics, while eight shimmering tracks capture anyone’s attention without further warning.”

16 | Dunlop Brothers | You Knew The Cost

THE PRESS RELEASE: “On Friday, Hamilton roots-rockers The Dunlop Brothers release their new single You Knew The Cost, following on the heels of their debut album, Vol. 1. Recorded at Hamilton’s legendary Grant Ave. Studios, you can catch a glimpse of the sessions in the Southern Souls video for You Knew The Cost. Infused with a healthy dose of Steeltown grit, The Dunlop Brothers make music in the spirit of their hometown’s raw strength and authenticity. Having been well schooled in a host of musical styles, Justin and Matt Dunlop are unafraid of bending genres in order to create memorable tracks.”

17 | Sign Libra | Sea of Nectar

THE PRESS RELEASE:Sign Libra is the sigil under which Latvian composer and artist Agata Melnikova delivers her mystical, musical musings. Sea to Sea, Melnikova’s sophomore album, operates at the node between cerebral and celestial, the complex and magnificent systems of our immediate and greater cosmos arranged into exquisite and eccentric sound patterns. For Sea to Sea, Melnikova surveys the “seas” of the moon’s surface, known collectively as Lunar Maria. These large, dark plains formed by volcanic eruptions were thought to be actual seas by early astronomers. On Sea to Sea, Melnikova studies the philosophical and mythological nature of this surreal landscape, framed by the illumination of the sun, the shadow of the earth, and the personal perceptions of its inhabitants. The moon becomes an inseparable half of the holistic make-up of our world, and its gravity guides Sea to Sea.”

18 | Carrousel | Psychobabble Drama

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles-based duo Carrousel – the project of Joel Piedt and Sharon Piedt – are revealing the official music video for Psychobabble Drama, the lead single from their newly released EP, I Wasn’t Well. Inspired by Joel’s recurring nightmares, Psychobabble Drama is equal parts haunting and anthemic. For the official video, the band worked with director Dylan Plyfair to create a visual that is very much in tune with the song. “The idea was to integrate footage from Dracula with us as we were playing,” Joel explains, “on the walls, on our instruments and faces, so that we’re totally immersed in it.” The Psychobabble Drama video is a surreal odyssey into the world of Carrousel — a world that will continue to be explored in music videos to come.”

19 | Kevin Krauter | Opportunity

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Indiana-based songwriter Kevin Krauter shares Opportunity, the final pre-release single/video from his forthcoming album, Full Hand, out Feb. 28. Opportunity is effortlessly pretty. His vocal lilt is so warm that you’ll almost miss moments of harsh truth like “Wake up to a morning so listless / come to, sun is looming in.” Its accompanying video, directed by Josh Smukal, is colorful and cinematic, and features Krauter and his friends. “I wrote this song a few years ago when I first started trying to do music full time,” says Krauter. “It was a pretty confusing time, and I think a lot of my headspace was taken up by the question of what opportunity looks like in my life, how much of myself I owe to it, and the inevitable reality of me making mistakes and finding an opportunity wasted regardless of my effort. Writing this song sort of helped me to contextualize that feeling and reflect on myself in a critical but compassionate way.”

20 | Leila Sunier | Ghost

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles-based singer/painter/multi-instrumentalist Leila Sunier releases the single for Ghost, from her upcoming album, If Only To Bleed Out The White Noise out Feb. 14. Ghost — co-starring actor Gibran Zahedi-Mitchell and filmed at Venice Beach, CA — was written about the beginning stages of a relationship, when two people become apart of one another. “We chose the beach for its sense of nostalgia,” Leila said, “…it was kind of perfect how the day was overcast, because emotionally the song doesn’t feel like a bright, sun-filled day, but more like an intimate, rainy day.”

21 | Crossed Keys | Times of Grace

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Philadelphia’s own Crossed Keys released their album Saviors on Oct. 4. The melodic punk quintet features former members of Kid Dynamite, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, and The Curse. Saviors is comprised of seven songs that offer a fresh take on the melodic punk-hardcore played in the tri-state underground scene of the late 90’s and early aughts. This release will certainly resonate with fans of Samiam, The Bomb, and The Loved Ones. The band put together a lyric video for the track Times of Grace which is made up of a joyride around various neighborhoods in Philadelphia.”

22 | Snotty Nose Rez Kids | Rebirth ft. Tanya Tagaq

THE PRESS RELEASE: “British Columbia hip-hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids have shared the music video for Rebirth, which features internationally renowned author and indigenous throat singer Tanya Tagaq. Rebirth serves as the opening to their album Trapline and signifies a re-awakening of our spirits to give power back to our people,” SNRK remarked.” The track is like that deep breath you take before you launch into a diatribe. We needed to kick off Trapline with that good energy.”

23 | Jon Hopkins | Scene Suspended

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jon Hopkins releases Scene Suspended, a brand new piano composition, first played live by Hopkins at his sold out Sydney Opera House show last month. The piece began as a spontaneous improvisation that appeared in a time of personal upheaval, acting as a fragile and distinct counterbalance to his trademark epic sound. It was recorded at London’s Air Studios, then augmented with violin arrangements performed by Emma Smith. “The main tracks on Singularity were built of hundreds of layers and processes, and took nearly two years to build,” says Hopkins. “Following on from this I’ve been craving a return to simplicity, to acoustic sound and to the instrument I grew up playing. In order to express similar themes but to use as little as possible to achieve this the only sound sources on Scene Suspended are piano and violin.”

24 | Julian Daniel | E-Boy

THE PRESS RELEASE:Julian Daniel is a 19 year old Canadian pop singer, from Toronto, Ontario. Growing up in a musical household and being involved in activities such as musical theatre, vocal lessons and dance he has always been one to be involved in the creative arts. Julian then decided to dedicate his time to his music and transform it from a hobby to a career. Julian just released a new album titled E-Boy that takes a look into his life the past year. It follows new beginnings and the themes of love, heartbreak, drugs, and the beginning of something special.”

25 | Flax | Slow Timey

THE PRESS RELEASE: “NYC-based singer-songwriter Flax is set to release his self-titled debut EP on Friday. First, he shared the lyric video for his new song Slow Timey, which tackles the insecurities of day-to-day life that inevitably lead us all to ask the question: Will you remember me when I leave the galaxy? “I’ve come to realize that it’s better to embrace the ephemerality of life and marvel at its wonder rather than feel depressed by a lack of control,” explains Flax. “I’m 33 years old, and after ten years as a director/producer/journalist, I’ve realized that it’s never too late to start something new. In fact, now is as good a time as ever based on where I’m at.”

26 | Black Midi | Sweater

THE PRESS RELEASE: “London-based band Black Midi follows 2019’s Schlagenheim with a new track Sweater. It was recorded with Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey during the same period that resulted in Schlagenheim, and was the last of the tracks recorded during those sessions. Sweater opens with minimalistic instrumentation before bursting with turbulent guitar and percussion.”

27 | Sunny Jain | Red, Brown, Black

THE PRESS RELEASE:Red Baraat’s Sunny Jain releases a new single, Red, Brown, Black from his forthcoming album, Wild Wild East, out Feb. 21. Red, Brown, Black features the LA-based rapper Haseeb who, over staccato percussion and low-pitched brass, responds to the question, Whose side are you on? “A good friend and NYC Basement Bhangra pioneer, DJ Rekha, mentioned Haseeb to me over 2 years ago,” says Jain. “I started checking his tracks out and I think what drew me to him was – here’s a South Asian Muslim-American in LA talking about things that I can immediately relate to. I hit him up and he was immediately down to collab on a track. We went back and forth on the subject matter I wanted to address in the song and he did that and more. Red, Brown, Black addresses the concept of this album head on, playing with the words Indian, Cowboy, Native, Sheriff.”

28 | Ritual King | Headspace

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Manchester-based stoner blues goldsmiths Ritual King unveil a blistering new track taken from their upcoming Ritual King album, coming out this Feb. 21. With an energetic style blending a mixture of riff rock and heavy psych influences, Ritual King has been compared to Fu Manchu. Constant gigging and touring throughout the UK and Europe has helped Ritual King build a dedicated grass roots following, and they show no signs of slowing down. A powerful stage presence and driving riffs are key to their identity, and with the release of their debut album, Ritual King are ready to deliver their music far and wide to the true riff believers.”

29 | Casii Stephan | Trapeze Artist

THE PRESS RELEASE:Casii Stephan is a soul pop/rock artist hailing from Minnesota. Now based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the impassioned songstress evokes subtle vibrato notes and roller-coaster-like melodies, which immediately grab the listener, while her emotional lyrics share intimate stories. She has been compared to the likes of Florence Welch, Fiona Apple and Carole King, as her vocal timbre possesses a full and warm quality. Stephan’s latest single Trapeze Artist was inspired after scrolling through her social feeds and seeing the highs and lows of humanity. The songwriter reveals, “From finding love to accounts of racism. It’s all there and it makes one feel like a trapeze artist swinging back and forth. It’s a growth process to know how to process all of this information and what to do with it and know what I can reasonably do in the community I’m in. No one person can change the world.”

30 | Mortuous | Among The Lost

THE PRESS RELEASE: “San Jose death/doom metal maniacs Mortuous will release their long out-of-print Among The Lost and Mors Immortalis demos on CD next month. Tracks one through six contain Mortuous’ 2012 demo while tracks seven through ten contain their 2009 demo, Mors Immortalis. Mortuous will bring their sonic brutality to Mexico for the first time next month to play Total Death Over Mexico III before kicking off a two-plus week European takeover with Copenhagen death metallers, Hyperdontia.

31 | geoff gordon | Neighbors

THE PRESS RELEASE:geoff gordon (stylized lower case) is built around the twin lead vocals and songwriting of Shannon Straney and Dan LaFave, each of whom sings lead on their own tunes. They range far and wide across the indie spectrum, often within the same track. Francis, for example, starts off like an early Wilco tune and then explodes into feedback, an imitation of a NYC subway announcement, and fuzzed out guitar shredding.”