Red Dirt Skinners Want To Warn You About A Wolf In The Woods

The married duo’s cautioinary tale is set to their signature brand of vintage rock.

Red Dirt Skinners chase down a Wolf In The Woods with their compelling new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest preview from the Ontario pop-rock classicists’ upcoming album Bear With Us, Wolf In The Woods is a dark story of narcissistic abuse that does double dute as a cautionary tale. “It’s a reminder that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t,” the Ontario duo say. “Regardless of how charming these people may first appear, they are parasites who will take all they can from their victims until they’ve used everything up — and they discard them, and move on. We’re drawing attention to the red flags in the hope that we can help others spot the warning signs before they are sucked in.”

The song is the latest in a line of releases that seamlessly set Rob and Sarah Skinner’s vocal harmonies and Sarah’s trademark soprano saxophone against a backdrop of vintage rock reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Supertramp. Set to arrive Oct. 22, Bear With Us also draws on harder-hitting subjects such as dementia and homelessness, while still managing to incorporate soaring choruses and catchy lyrics. Along with an extremely full sound that straddles multiple genres, the album is a triumph to positive thinking, and a further development of the band’s signature sound.

Before leaving their U.K. homeland for Canada several years ago, Red Dirt Skinners won a number of awards for albums such as Under Utopian Skies (2018), Behind the Wheel (2016), Live at the Blue Lamp (2014), Sinking the Mary Rose (2013) and Home Sweet Home (2012).

Watch Wolf In The Woods above, hear more from Red Dirt Skinners below, and spend some time with them on their website, Twitter and Facebook.