Glen Crosse & Friends Share A Romantic Snapshot Of Jobim’s Fotografia

The jazzy trio join forces on one of the composer's earliest, least-recorded tunes.

The mesmerizing stylings of Glenn Crosse, Laura Fernandez and George Koller come together in their magical new single and video Fotografia — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Whisking audiences to a place where wonder and longing interlace, guitarist Crosse, bassist Koller and singer-pianist Fernandez lead this stunning arrangement, unveiling a renewed take on a lesser-known and rarely covered gem by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Following on the heels of her recent solo album, Okay, Alright, Fernandez tops the track with an intimate and inimitable vocal in both Portuguese and English.

One of Jobim’s earliest compositions circa 1959, Fotografia sways to a melody that is as evocative and sensual as it is mysterious. Both then and now, the song captures the essence of a magical and intimate moment in time, landing like the memory of a kiss that remains engraved in the heart.

Watch Fotografia above, hear more from Laura Fernandez below, and connect with Glen Crosse at his website.