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Albums Of The Week: Imagine Dragons | Mercury Act 1

Rick Rubin helps the Vegas pop-rockers raise their game on their fifth full-length.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Imagine Dragons teamed up with esteemed producer Rick Rubin to create Mercury Act 1, a candid album that abandons metaphorically charged lyrics and instead embraces emotional extremities, holding nothing back. The title draws inspiration from the word “mercurial.”

The first single Wrecked was written by lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee and Daniel Platzman and produced by Imagine Dragons. The song is a powerful and raw outpouring about grief, loss, and moving forward. Reynolds started writing the song shortly after losing his sister-in-law, Alisha Durtschi Reynolds, to cancer.

“She was the brightest light. A beacon of joy and strength for everyone she met. Her sudden passing has shaken me in ways that I still am unable to express. I was with her and my brother when she passed, and it was the first time in my life that I had witnessed death in this way. It sealed into my mind the fragility of life and finality of this all. I’ve watched my brother face something that no one should have to. But I’ve also seen his faith bring him hope in a future with her. I can only hope for the same,” Reynolds says. “This song was my way of dealing with it all, as music has always been my refuge. No longer being a man of fervent faith, I can only hope that she hears it somewhere in a place where she is healed and no longer in pain. This song is my wish for an eternity with those that I love.”

The second single Follow You is a love song written by Reynolds upon re-marrying his wife after the couple had separated. “I wanted [the song] to represent a love that is realistic. One where love isn’t perfect, but it endures,” Reynolds said. The single’s accompanying music video, featuring Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, offered a cheeky visual companion piece. The track Cutthroat was released in conjunction with Follow You — and with a gritty, cinematic video that stars Olivia Munn and visually depicts the song’s frenetic energy.”