BROOXCiV & A-F-R-O | Left4Dead: Exclusive Premiere

The savage cut flexes the finesse of two artists as unfiltered, raw & real as it gets.

BROOXCiV and A-F-R-O’s enemies are Left4Dead in their savagely intense new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Revealing their true grit in the thick of menacing low-end basslines, straight-up malevolent guitars, haunting samples and digitalized mayhem surrounding every single word they spit with supreme confidence, BROOXCiV & A-F-R-O create authentically slick alt hip-hop vibes that thrive in the shadows and leap from your speakers with the intention of making you their next victim. From bulletproof bars to unbreakable hooks, Left4Dead flexes the finesse of two artists as unfiltered, raw, and real as it gets, capable of transitioning and twisting their rhymes at blazing speeds, with stunning fluidity and flow unlike any other.

Armed with lyricism second to none, Left4Dead is guaranteed to send shockwaves through your system and full-on break the Internet this year as the duo take over the scene. Bringing more to the mic syllable for syllable and pound for pound, BROOXCiV & A-F-R-O sound every bit as dangerous as they do entertaining, adding serious weight to their vocals & pure unmistakable mayhem. Large and in-charge from production to performance, they’ve gone all-in on creating an unforgettable cut. Left4Dead leaves the bodies of emcees in their wake on the way to the top, where savage microphone skills like you’ll find in this powerful collaboration belong.

After establishing his name in the game throughout a breakout 2020 that secured his place on playlists all around the globe through next-level singles like Hol Upp, Waitamin and Red Dead Redemption, BROOXCiV immediately started putting in the work to dominate 2021 even harder. Crushing it online with cuts like Runnin’ and Breakshit featuring Ireq Savage in the first half of the year, BROOXCiV is fully shifting gears into overdrive to heat up the charts this summer with Left4Dead, in collaboration with the skills of legendary underground lyricist A-F-R-O on the m-i-c 100%.

Check out Left4Dead above, hear more from BROOXCiV below, follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and connect with A-F-R-O at his website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.