Astral Gates Can’t Resist A Devil In A Silk Dress

The alt-rockers deliver a hard-driving, hook-barbed ’70s-style barnburner.

Astral Gates are playing with fire on their latest single and video Devil In A Silk Dress — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A preview of the Montreal alt-rockers’ forthcoming EP, the supercharged track — a hard-driving, hook-barbed ’70s-style barnburner — is the creation of bandmates Evan Falcone and Dan D’Urbano, who first got together 2020 when they were coworkers.

“We would book fake meetings with each other just to sneak in a half-hour brainstorm session about songs we had in the works,” they reveal. “The time spent collaborating after hours just wasn’t enough for us, I guess.”

“We have been a duo writing virtually pretty much since Day 1,” D’Urbano recalls, “so when COVID hit, people were like, ‘Oh my God, we can’t be in jamming, we can’t write as a band; how are we gonna do this?’ We were sitting back saying: Really?! We have been doing that for the last two years!”

For their debut EP, they recruited the engineering talents of Dave Traina (The Damn Truth), who would also sign on as their drummer. Their sophomore offering EP II — earmarked for this year — promises more up-tempo, high-octane energy anchored by heavy percussion, laced with stunning guitar solos, and topped with soaring vocals.

The video for the track encapsulates the world of Astral Gates: Two guys in different cities, writing music from the comfort of their homes before it all comes together in the studio. Fuelled by full band delivery, the song springs to life live-off-the-floor in an energized performance captured at the historical Freq Shop studio in Montreal (home to The Franklin Electric, The Damn Truth and Storry).

Watch Devil In A Silk Dress above, hear more from Astral Gates below, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.