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Glen Foster Is Feelin’ Alive

The veteran B.C. singer-guitarist unveils his intimate new concert recording.

Glen Foster keeps it real with his new album Feelin’ Alive — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

When it comes to taking control of a room, the Canadian folk-rock veteran is a master. And he proves it with this concert recording. In February 2020, about a month before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world, The Glen Foster Group presented a full-throttle show to an intimate crowd of 150 people in his home town of Nanaimo. The 80-minute concert features 14 live cuts spanning his entire catalogue, plus two bonus tracks recorded from the studio floor — Friends Like That and Three Man Band.

Whether you’re familiar or not with Foster’s music, Feelin’ Alive is a perfect showcase of his talents and capabilities; his signature sound paired with a mesmerising stage presence, his master songwriting abilities and the roar of a devoted and enchanted crowd are all the proof you’ll need. “My voice was in peak form and the band was playing great,” Foster shares. “It worked out perfectly that we had recorded that concert, and were due to release a new album soon.”


Over his 40-plus year-spanning career, Foster has released eight studio albums, including 2020’s Not Far Away, the Party Out There Tonight EP (2019) and his 1982 breakthrough Walk Into The Mirror. He’s criss-crossed the country with countless bands, backing Ray Materick of Linda, Put the Coffee On fame and fronting The Falcon. He’s gigged with everyone from Lighthouse, Dr. Hook and Stan Rogers to Valdy and Sammy Hagar. On top of playing gigs all across the world, he’s been an instrument repairman, salesman and a teacher — just to name a few of his day jobs. He was even a music student with two silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Fans itching for more original music from this Canadian legend can also look forward to his upcoming Christmas album The Spirit Of Christmas, due out this November — and titled after his best-selling 1986 holiday single of the same name.

Listen to Feelin’ Alive and watch the video for Three Man Band above, hear more from Glen Foster below, and get in touch with him at his website, Twitter and Facebook.