JJ’s Music Retaliation Creates Musical Anarchy With My Blue Beat

The Toronto multi-tasker returns with a groundbreaking, risk-taking new album.

JJ’s Music Retaliation leader Daniel Greenwood returns to kill boring music with his groundbreaking, risk-taking new album My Blue Beat — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Coming than a decade after the release of Greenwood’s sophomore album Ancient Futures (2010), My Blue Beat finds the Toronto singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist introducing a brand-new moniker — and unveiling his most ambitious and freewheeling project.

Combining anything and everything in his creative arsenal — blazing guitar riffs and searing solos, soaring synths, crushing rhythms, soulful melodies, old-school funk grooves, wacky lyrics and a mish-mash of sounds, samples and styles — the album thinks outside every box, colours outside every line and shreds every envelope in its intrepid pursuit of musical originality, individuality and freedom. It is artistic anarchy in its finest, freakiest form.

As well as the self-titled single, the long-overdue comeback album from JJ’s Music Retaliation also features nine other extraordinary pieces, including We Have to Make it Better Every Day, You Can’t Treat Me Like That Anymore and Slim Beat. Watch My Blue Beat above, hear the album below, and follow JJ’s Music Retaliation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.