Fresh Breath Try To Make Sense Of A World Gone Crazy

The Canadian blues-rock duo don't mince words in their timely new release.

Fresh Breath take stock and tell it like it is in their topical and powerful new single and video World Gone Crazy — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A preview of their forthcoming EP How Did I Get Here, World Gone Crazy is an anthem for each of us in the midst of a global pandemic; an ode to what we are presented each day, delivered with a boot-stomping backbeat, a strummy guitar riff and lyrics packed with truth and grit.

“We were frustrated not being able to play shows and tour, so we took it out in the song,” say the Ontario blues-rock duo of Josh and KT Pascoe, adding the song “opened the floodgates of our creative juices and led us into writing the rest of the album.”

How Did I Get Here — set for release Aug. 6 — is a a six-track EP that serves as a journey of discovery, reminiscing, and reflection over 2020’s intricate global disasters, and how the human spirit is coping. “It’s a culminating reflection of our own relationship stories,” Fresh Breath explain. “From the early days of when we first met, to our take on the world in isolation, and the darkness that we were forced to find in order to keep our own lights shining.”

Watch World Gone Crazy above, hear more from Fresh Breath below, and catch them on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.