Frank Patrick Believes In The Almighty We

The Canadian singer-songwriter's latest single was inspired by George Floyd.

Frank Patrick champions and celebrates unity his his uplifting and upbeat single and video The Almighty We — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The title track of his new studio album, The Almighty We came pouring out of Frank’s head after witnessing the murder of George Floyd last year. “Watching and feeling (that video) catalyzed a massive call to action,” he explains. A close friend of Frank’s even called The Almighty We a “planetary anti-racism and COVID dance song.”

With the ideology of “oneness” in mind, Frank enlisted musicians Ed Michael Roth, Ian de Souza, Rebecca Campbell and producer Brilliantfish to help record the release. Roth’s unparalleled accordion skills are matched beautifully by the snaky groove of de Souza’s bass and Brilliantfish’s infectious rhythm arrangements; the cherry on top is the beautiful voice of Campbell, who helps carry the message throughout the song, including a street party chant.

Brilliantfish also produced and mixed the smile-inducing video. On working with his longtime friend, Frank says: “I am more than ‘the artist he is producing.’ We are collaborators, and that’s how we prefer to work. We arrange and fine tune the songs together from the ground up. Everyone on this album is a collaborator. For me, that’s how music is made — be it working remotely or in the same room.”

Patrick spent years away from the music scene as a result of an unfortunate car accident in 1999; forced to stop playing, he spent the following seven years recovering from the incident. In that time, however, he continued to write music, until he was properly able to record it. The work he put in during that period was what would become his debut solo album, 2006’s Worlds in Transition (which was also produced by Brilliantfish). It was followed by 2019’s Soul Medicine and this year’s The Almighty We.

Watch the video for The Almighty We, listen to the album below, and join Frank Patrick on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.