The Sonic Reducers | Talkin’ Bob Dylan’s 80th Birthday

Join us as we chit-chat about the greatness of Zimmy as he blows out the candles.

On the off-chance that you just came out of a coma and stumbled onto this page, allow me to point out that today is Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday. And as world-class publicist Eric Alper so eloquently puts it right off the top of our latest Sonic Reducers segment: “What more can be said about a man that has 39 studio albums, 16,000 bootlegs and basement tapes, 15 Bootleg Series (releases), 12 live albums, 20 box sets, more than 500 songs, and $400 million in his bank account?”

A valid question. And the answer, obviously, is: Not much. Which is why we don’t waste hours of your time doing a deep dive on Dylan. We just spend five minutes chatting about Zimmy’s best albums, fondly reminiscing about that old lady who gave him the finger, recalling the exact moment when Eric finally understood Blood On The Tracks, and wondering when Bob will finally get around to that disco album. Join us, won’t you? It should be five minutes well wasted.