Sonic Reducers’ 5-Minute Music Mix | The Resolution Revolution

Join us as we talk high-resolution audio, scams and the happiness of Neil Young.

There are a million music stories every day in the wild world of the interwebs. Who has time to read them all? Well, beloved publicist Eric Alper and your friendly neighbourhood Tinnitist do. And every weekday, in our new self-appointed role as the Sonic Reducers, we pick one ripe, juicy story off the news tree and boil it down to five minutes of brililant chit-chat. Join us today as we dig into Amazon and Apple‘s new high-resolution steaming audio battle, debate whether it’s just part of a scam to get you to buy stuff (spoiler alert: it always is) and ponder whether Neil Young is ever really happy (spoiler alert: he probably isn’t). You’re welcome.