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Indie Roundup | 111 Tracks To Implode Your Cerebellum This Weekend (Part 5)

Revelries, LJR, Perdurabo, Leif Coffield, Weatherworn & more acts calling it a day.

Photo by Katie Kauss.

The Revelries revel in romantic cliches, LJR keeps his mouth shut, Perdurabo tests the limits, Leif Coffield is weird and wonderful — which is also how I hope you feel about your latest Weekend Roundup. Take heart; the end is nigh:


94 | The Revelries | Cliché Love

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville pop-rock trio The Revelries present Cliché Love. Produced by Grammy-winning producer Matt Wallace (Replacements, Faith No More), Cliché Love is an energized, pop-rock breakup anthem serving as the band’s first official offering in two years. “I’ve always loved the idea of ‘cliché’ sayings because most of them, if not all of them, are true,” frontman Beau Bailey said. “This song is about having your heart broken and then saying, ‘Forget all this breakup stuff. Gimme that Hollywood, cheesy, over-the-top cliché love’.”

95 | LJR | I Can’t Say

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Introspective and passionate, Maryland singer-songwriter LJR releases his debut single I Can’t Say. Offering bold vocals, a wailing guitar solo, and a bright piano melody, I Can’t Say is a compelling pop-influenced rock ballad that takes listeners on a journey through self-discovery and the challenging process of claiming one’s own identity. LJR shares: “When I wrote this song at 19, I had no idea how true it would be for me over the next decade. I didn’t see it at the time, but until my early 20s, unhealthy patterns in my relationships and narrow religious beliefs made up my entire identity. While I couldn’t imagine life outside of it, I believe this song was one of my first musings of transition, a wondering of sorts of life outside in the real world.”

96 | Perdurabo | No Limits Of Extension

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-instrumentalist, electronic music producer and composer Perdurabo teases more music with No Limits Of Extension, the second single taken from The Time Traveller, out May 21. It’s a record born by a collaboration between Perdurabo and Tomat — nine tracks written in 2014 and rediscovered on a hard drive during last year’s lockdown. The album focuses on the idea of OOBE — out-of-body experience, a phenomenon in which a person perceives the world from a location outside their physical body. Perdurabo says; “During an out-of-the-body experience you can stretch in time and space, with no limitations. This is what this track is about … the experience was completely different and intoxicating.”

97 | Leif Coffield | Just Wanna Be Strange

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Glaswegian alt-pop artist and wonderfully weird singer-songwriter Leif Coffield is a game-changer. His new single Just Wanna Be Strange is a dark yet energetic track, with hints of Billie Eilish vocals and instrumentation alongside minimal percussion and a groove-layered bassline. The song is about “the feeling of obsessing over somebody, and the notions of infallibility that come along with it,” he says. “In an age where we are so driven by the idolisation of celebrity status, Just Wanna Be Strange aims to portray the perspective of the obsessor.”

98 | Weatherworn | Jets To Muncy (ft. AJ Perdomo)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Jets To Muncy (ft. AJ Perdomo) is a new single from Northern Virginia’s Weatherworn. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming sophomore LP Postcards, set for release this June. They say: “Jets To Muncy is a song of self-reflection. It’s a promise to not only take chances, but also make the necessary sacrifices for those you love. Tomorrow is not promised. This is an anthem dedicated to living life to its fullest while maintaining the commitment of being present in each moment.”

99 | Rosemary Lawton | Little Fires

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With degrees in both music education and violin, Rosemary Lawton is a talented artist who is passionate about creating music, as well as preserving its history. From her hometown of St. John’s, Rosemary collects, records, and performs traditional Newfoundland music. Having decided it was time to create her own, original music, Rosemary wrote Little Fires, a song inspired by and created for the underdog. From her experiences as a woman dealing with uncomfortable interactions and watching marginalized communities suffer, inequality was top of mind for Rosemary when she penned the song.”

100 | Bottled Minds | Trendy

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “San Diego alt-pop musician Bottled Minds (Parker Keskinen) returns with new single Trendy. The stratospheric pop track features glistening synths with an upbeat and irresistible rhythm. He says: “Trendy is about my relationships on the internet and my relationship to the internet. I had a girlfriend who always seemed distracted by her phone and really never paid any attention to me or the people around her. In response, I always ended up turning to the internet to figure out what I was doing wrong or what I could do to fix things and looking back on it I realize it was pretty dumb. Rather than talk to her about it I decided to go to Google. But yeah overall this song is pretty much about how much I hate how the internet makes me feel.”

101 | Kashmere | Someone

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Founded within the suburbs of Manchester, Kashmere are an indie-rock force to be reckoned with. With modern and vintage production methods, robust layers of analogue synths and unforgettable chorus hooks, Kashmere have always carved a unique & distinctive path for themselves, becoming impossible to ignore. Now the band return with their euphoric and vibrant single Someone. They say: “Someone is about chasing a lifestyle, a relationship or simply a headspace that perhaps isn’t suited to you.”

102 | Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds | Stuck In Quarantine (ft. Cityreal & Roman Clarke)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds are a new-age funk/blues/soul band from St. Boniface, the old French quarter of Winnipeg. They cemented their identity as a bilingual act with their unique French and English double EP in 2017. Stuck in Quarantine (ft. Cityreal & Roman Clarke) is about finding a way to have a romantic relationship during a lockdown. It’s the lead single from Cruel, their forthcoming debut LP which infuses fun-loving songs in a mixture of both English and French. Heartbroken by their inability to play live shows during the worldwide lockdown, Jérémie turned this grim situation into a hip-hop and pop collaboration with lush analog blues sounds.”

103 | Bars & Melody | Henny

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Bars and Melody are a British duo formed in 2014 by rapper Leondre Devries and singer Charlie Lenehan. Their latest single Henny is a reflection of their daily lives and experiences since they were teens. Keeping the writing process lucid, they found themselves hit by a wave of inspiration resulting in the entirety of Henny being recorded in just 20 minutes. The duo reveal: “The past few years we have been quiet and really focused on creating the type of music we wanted to make as individuals. This next phase is the most important part of our career as we can be who we really want to be.”

104 | Breeze Redwine | Money

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Norfolk country-pop singer Breeze Redwine stupefies with Money. Innovative and pristine with her approach, Breeze Redwine paves the way forward with her wholly fearless venture. So much so, she stands out while connecting influences from Miley Cyrus and Shawn Mendes into a stunning soundscape of her own. Introspective lyrically, Breeze Redwine speaks candidly about life, and she combines thought-provoking wordplay with a feel-good cadence. Her vocals are influential with raw quality, and the guitar riffs rip through with nail-biting texture. Likewise, the tap your feet rhythm is challenging to resist!”

105 | Thee More Shallows | Hey, Come On!

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Three-piece experimental indie-rock band Thee More Shallows released three albums and a few EPs back in the early ’00s. Now, frontman Dee Kesler has emerged with Dad Jams, the first Thee More Shallows offering in 14 years. It comes out May 28. Thee More Shallows have now dropped the dreamy dating-app inspired melancholy-pop of Hey, Come On! Dee said “If using a dating app, you should be required to 1) answer, in full, 100 questions posed by a bot designed to ferret out and list all the ways your personality will metastasize within the context of a relationship, and 2) display your results as the entirety of your profile. I’d support legislation enacting the above mainly because I met my wife before dating apps. She got honey-potted into a lifelong partnership based off of ‘has a sense of humor, smells OK.’ “

106 | Bruza | She Wants Sun

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Marking his return in 2021, Bruza drops She Wants Sum, produced by Filthy Gears, it’s synth heavy with catchy drum patterns, reminiscent of the sound that defined grime’s formative years. She Wants Sum follows on from Bruza’s earlier release this year Pick It Up, instantly recognisable with his unapologetically cockney flow and catchy hooks it tells the story of a night out in his native East London.”

107 | Ike Rhein | Not For Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ike Rhein is back with Not for Me, which demonstrates his versatility by going back to his singing roots. The song blends different styles of music by contrasting a somber, acoustic sound with a poppy, hip-hop bass. Not for Me is meant to connect with listeners’ inner emotions. “Many people in the world are enduring mental and/or emotional pain due to a significant other.” Ike Rhein continues, “This song is about the realization that sometimes someone who you believed was the one turns out not to be. One day they love you, the next they’re gone.”

108 | Chris Lane | Summer Job Money

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Chris Lane is dishing out a dose of sunshine-country swagger, dropping Summer Job Money. Lane puts a down-payment on love in Summer Job Money, a shimmering tribute to a priceless kind of attraction. It’s a flirtatious jam with a charming nostalgic core: willing to spend it all in the name of romance. Full of upbeat acoustic energy, “Summer Job Money”is penned by John Byron and Blake Pendergrass, and produced by studio ace Joey Moi. “I’ve always loved nostalgic country songs that take you back to a certain time and place,” shares Lane. “When I first heard Summer Job Money, it immediately gave me that same kind of feeling. I worked a landscaping job up until the very moment I signed my record deal, so I related to the song and knew I wanted to record it.”

109 | Tara Kelly | Play With Fire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tara Kelly’s Play With Fire strikes the match of betrayal and adds fuel to the rising flame of this folk-pop tale. As the consequences of her unfaithful partner’s actions loom, the instrumentation builds and suddenly culminates in a fun, gospel-inspired chorus with rock organ hits, the steady kick of a drum, driving pedal steel guitar, and energetic hand-claps. Tara Kelly reminds her beloved of an age-old warning — play with fire and you’ll get burned.”

110 | Boom chr Paige | Above London

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The creativity of experimental electronic artist Boom chr Paige knows no bounds, and he’s returning to challenge his audience in 2021 with stunning new music, arriving today with the single Above London. Inspired by his travels to England prior to the pandemic, Above London is a serene composition that guides listeners on an extraordinary journey out of the chaos of everyday life and into a sublime space, where limitless opportunities await them. Boom says: “Hovering thousands of feet above Heathrow airport always generated a calming effect. That early morning arrival circling in seeming slow motion above the London clamor and traffic slowed my mind and gave me time to dream about the possibilities upon landing.”

111 | Leftover Salmon | Flyin’ At Night

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Leftover Salmon will release Brand New Good Old Days next week. The band, which is widely regarded as one of the architects of the jam band scene, has been brewing its own potent blend of bluegrass, rock ‘n’ roll, folk, Cajun, soul, zydeco, jazz and blues for over 30 years and continues to be one of the most popular acts on the festival scene. Drew Emmitt’s song Flyin’ at Night is out now.”