palmtreeprince Is A Cheerleader For Love In ’bout us

The London-based singer ponders relationships in his latest single & video.

palmtreeprince muses on romance in his latest single and video ’bout us — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

‘bout us documents the moment in a relationship when you contemplate what you have with the person you love. palmtreeprince wanted to represent that feeling of pondering the past, present and future of a relationship. “All my plans for us, my words of affirmation and encouragement, along with the adoration I have towards them — ‘bout us is that moment told in musical form,” he says.

Whilst palmtreeprince was working next door to his producer LVAE, the words “I been thinkin ‘bout us lately” came to him. “I kept singing it out loud whenever I’d hear LVAE working on it, and when the rest — ‘You’re the part of me I cling to daily’ — came to me, I got a text saying ‘I’ve had enough! This is the next track, get in the booth and cut it, let’s go!,’ now we have ’bout us.

He hopes listeners remember that everyone has a cheerleader that is always supporting them, or maybe they’re the cheerleader to their loved ones. “If you have a cheerleader, always know that you have that lifeline, someone to help you through the tough times and celebrate you through your golden moments. If you are the cheerleader, delight in your devotion. I believe that says a lot about who you are. Don’t stop loving, supporting and cheering on the ones you love, it’s needed and appreciated more than you know.”

palmtreeprince is a London-based artist, with roots stemming from Zimbabwe to an upbringing in Ireland. After the release of his three-track debut single Come Find Me, palmtreeprince was dubbed “The next in queue to be the pop prince of the U.K.” on RINSE FM by viral DJ/presenter JYOTY. The immersive record hit the airwaves on BBC Radio 1 The Soundsystem with Jeremiah Asiamah, whilst receiving international press and radio coverage from Hot Press Magazine and Spin1038 (Ireland), to an article feature on EARMILK that named him “a generational talent for years to come” in the U.S. The reception made for a strong start in the artist’s career, framing his journey for all to see.

His sound champions all that is congruent with his eccentric character — a unique take on modern pop with an overriding message of love that strongly focuses on the joy and wonder of its manifestation. The sound is quirky and dynamic in nature, with rich textures and tones that decorate the listener’s mind with colourful imagery. Crafted in collaboration with his producer LVAE, the eventful genre-blend has been branded immersive pop by the two creators. “It’s something we’ve been chipping away at since 2017, we believe we’ve found our lane, and we’re sticking to it,” says palmtreeprince.

Check out ’bout us above, hear more from palmtreeprince below, and keep up with him on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.