Indie Roundup | 31 Songs To Cook Your Goose This Monday (Part 1)

Cannibal Corpse, Danko Jones, Van Canto and other acts that are coming in hot.

Cannibal Corpse kill and kill again, Danko Jones knows what to do when you’ve got it, Ghostbound set sail, Van Canto don’t need no stinking guitars to rock out — and we’re coming in hot with a ton of metal on today’s Monday Roundup. Seriously, though, that Cannibal Corpse clip is definitely not for the squeamish. Consider yourself warned.


1 | Cannibal Corpse | Necrogenic Resurrection

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Last week, Cannibal Corpse released their 15th studio album Violence Unimagined. Today they share a video for the new single Necrogenic Resurrection. Comprised of 11 tracks, Violence Unimagined is stat-of-the-art death metal played with passion and breathless precision, making for another flawless addition to what is inarguably one of the premier catalogues the genre has thrown up. “It really follows the path we’ve been going down for a few years now,” states bassist and founding member Alex Webster. “I think we approach the writing in a similar way most every time: each of us try to write the heaviest, most memorable songs we can. We want each song to have its own identifiable character. Showing my age, I like to say you can ‘drop the needle’ on any point of one of our albums and quickly tell which song you’re listening to.”

2 | Danko Jones | Flaunt It

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian power trio Danko Jones are proud to share their new ‘fan-only’ single Flaunt It, as well as a lyric video to commemorate the band’s 25th Anniversary. The track follows the lead single I Want Out, released mid-March. Both singles come off of the band’s upcoming album Power Trio, out Aug. 27. The album sees Danko Jones deliver each engine-revving riff, soul-shaking stomp, and shout-it-loud hook with a sniper’s precision. It’s such a simple, self-evident title, but one loaded with significance, as it speaks to the special triangular alchemy Danko shares with his trusty bass-slinging accomplice JC and drummer Rich Knox. It also stakes out the band’s place on a storied lineage of three-piece titans Jimi Hendrix Experience, ZZ Top, Rush, Motörhead, Venom, Dinosaur Jr., and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, to name a few.”

3 | Ghostbound | And We Are Already At Sea

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Avant-garde metal band Ghostbound have released their video for And We Are Already At Sea. The song is from their recently released EP For My Sweet Mary Thyme. Frontman Alec A. Head commented, “We are proud to release our first proper music video in the form of And We Are Already At Sea. Ryan Lotz, our director, worked tirelessly to create a truly gorgeous work of art that we feel encapsulates the song perfectly.”

4 | Van Canto | Falling Down

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The world’s most exciting a cappella metal masters Van Canto return with their eighth inimitable and energetic offering To The Power Of Eight, on June 4. Prepare for an outstanding vocal attack as the unit drop the rousing single and video Falling Down. Since 2006, Van Canto have delivered pure vocal power to the metal world, proving that heaviness does not necessarily need riffs and bass lines. Falling Down takes off at full speed as a stomping, heroic power metal anthem that leaves no muscle inactive. Both male and female vocals are given space to shine, but also harmonize together as one entity. Van Canto say: “Falling Down is a Van Canto powerhouse, a composition with powerful vocal riffing, endless harmonies and a dramatic arrangement. The lyrics describe the timeless moment of creativity when you feel a melody entering your brain to then materialize into music.”

5 | Swarmageddon | Brave New World

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Six months after the release of their debut album Inhuman, French melodic death-metallers Swarmageddon share a video for the song Brave New World. Swarmageddon hail from Besançon and were formed by Marion in 2015. Mixing aggressiveness, atmospheres and melody, the music of Swarmageddon explores a universe both dark and epic, at the crossroads of old school and modern metal.”

6 | Cultum Interitum | Veneration I

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Veneration I is the opener from Cultum Interitum’s new album Veneration Of The New Dawn. It brings a vision of madness, mass death and annihilation as an omen of upcoming Judgement Day — as well as the eternal life-and-death cycle. None shall oppose. Veneration Of The New Dawn will be given to you in its physical form on July 26.”

7 | Evilon | Walk Of The Damned

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Evilon present their new single Walk Of The Damned and describe it as “a song about life, all the challenges and tough times you have to face but you have to keep struggling on and keep walking. A heavy but very melodic song with it roots in melodic death metal, but with a folk metal sound!”

8+9 | Serlin Greaves | Teenage Heart + Seasick

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Serlin Greaves (the duo Joey Serlin and Daniel Greaves of Juno-nominated group The Watchmen) share Seasick — the second single from their debut album Sad Songs For Sale, out May 28. While the band’s home base of Toronto moves through another lockdown, the song was written during the pandemic’s early days. Serlin says: “During the first wave lockdown, like many of us, I was constantly connected to digital media, trying to get a handle on what we were all collectively facing, with our first generational pandemic. I came across a clip of a doctor in Saudi Arabia, returning home from a long shift, stopping his son from approaching him, for fear he was contagious with COVID. I cried, which doesn’t happen very often, as I thought about my own four kids, and what was happening to their world.” In addition, the band share a powerful lyric video for the project’s first single Teenage Heart.”

10 | Ghost Twin | Blue Sunshine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Winnipeg’s Ghost Twin have released their new video for Blue Sunshine, the third single from forthcoming album Love Songs for End Times. Singer Karen Asmundson writes, “While this track was written pre-pandemic, and reflected our feelings about how world events were progressing, it feels especially timely right now. Blue Sunshine is a love song for the planet Earth from the point of view of the human race as its repentant abuser. It’s a nihilist pop anthem for a world on fire. The perspective of the lyrics is essentially, ‘Well we’ve destroyed everything to the point of no return, I guess let’s just try to make the best of our current reality instead of wallowing in regret.’ It feels on the surface like an upbeat and cheerful song, but it is actually one of the darkest songs we’ve ever written.”

11 | Transviolet | Drugs In California

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Transviolet’s Drugs In California video depicts a dystopian world where the feeling of fame has been synthesized, and you can take a diamond pill to feel adored. But like the real thing, this glamorous drug comes with horrifying sideeffects. Says Sarah McTaggart: “Drugs in California is a song about a toxic relationship. Specifically, it’s about a toxic relationship between fame and adoration. I’d always felt sort of ambivalent to fame. it always just seemed like an inconvenient side effect to making music that I might have to endure one day if things went really well. I felt like I could prepare myself for it. I’ve had small tastes of fame now, but it’s nothing like I anticipated.”

12 | Someone / Anyone | Less Life

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Someone / Anyone tout a melodic blend of art-pop, jazz, and rock. Their new single Less Life expands from hypnotic guitar swells into a soulful, pop-forward sound with an abundance of hooks. Saxophone adornments add throughout. Someone / Anyone are from Hastings, East Sussex. Harry Osborne — who sings, writes and produces the music — works closely with vocalist Poppy Prescott and saxophonist Dan McConkey, in addition to a host of local talent. This outfit is built on musicianship that brings organic instruments into an electronic world. This is all tied together by Osborne, the eccentric frontman whose charisma demands your attention as he floats from intricate folk-guitar to wild, untamed dancing.”

13 | Rudy Touzet | Play Me Again

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Play Me Again is the latest single from rising pop singer/songwriter Rudy Touzet. The track details the feeling you get when you’re with someone and you never want that moment to end, just like when you have that one song you can’t take off of repeat because it’s just that good. With catchy lyrics, danceable songs, and a growing fanbase, the 21-year-old Miami-born Cuban/American singer has all of the makings of a pop act to watch.”

14 | Buick Audra | All My Failures

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville singer-songwriter Buick Audra has spent the last eight years as the guitarist and singer-songwriter of the melodic heavy duo Friendship Commanders. But a part of her has been writing work in a very different sonic and stylistic direction. Today Buick Audra presents All My Failures, her first solo release in 10 years . She says: “I put my solo work aside ten years ago in part because I was excited to make heavy music in Friendship Commanders, but also because I was having such a hard time being on my own side. I realize now, in looking back, that my nightly panic attacks played a role in my lapsed self-confidence as an artist, and as a person. Admitting that I’ve had those attacks in All My Failures is liberating for me — and also a bit frightening. It’s the truest of the true. In that way, it feels like the perfect song to return with.”

15 | Beyries | Nous Sommes

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Beyries has unveiled the video for her song Nous Sommes. It stars the Montreal singer-songwriter and was created by French director Raphaëlle Chovin and Quebecois actor Maxime Le Flaguais. Just like the song’s lyrics (written by Le Flaguais), nature is at the heart of the video in which Beyries, dressed as a knight, travels across snow-covered fields and forests, between mountains and rivers. In the video, we witness the solitary progression of someone who’s been tried and tested by many hardships, explains Raphaëlle Chovin. However, I wanted to highlight that, even in solitude, we are always linked to others and we never forget our roots, our story and our battles. Nous Sommes is included on Beyfires’ sophomore effort Encounter, released in November. This is the only French track on the album.”