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Now Hear This: Adam Douglas | Better Angels

Some seriously supple soul & R&B from an Oklahoma boy who lives in Norway.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Adam Douglas grew up in Oklahoma, and his inspiration is drawn from the rich melting pot of culture and music — from Howlin’ Wolf and Ray Charles’ flirtation with country onward to Tom Petty and Bonnie Raitt. He mixes soul, gospel, jazz, rock ’n’ roll, rhythm and blues, and roots music. After moving to Norway in 2007, his music is also inspired by Norwegian mountains and fjords.

His debut as a solo artist came in 2013 with the EP Your One And Only Man, followed by the album I May Never Learn. It wasn’t until he participated in and won Stjernekamp on NRK in 2017 that he sung his way into peoples hearts! The year after, he released the critically acclaimed album The Beauty & The Brawn, and has since then toured the whole of Norway. Now he’s released his third full length studio album Better Angels.

As a musician, Douglas is the shy guy who turns into a firework on stage, drawing from the celebrated stars of soul music. He lets his big voice compete for the attention with his gutar, something that culminates in an electric live show which is never the same twice. He is most comfortable being the worst musician on stage, surrounded by a band breathing down his neck and never letting him rest. Preferably with a choir on one side and a horn section on the other. Through the years, refining his live show by playing as much as possible. To deliver the unforgettable moments. To become as good as possible. And he is well on his way. About this he says: “I’m not trying to be anybody but myself. I’m just Adam Douglas, maybe with a new hat once in a while.”

On Better Angels, Adam Douglas takes us through what he calls a midlife analysis. This is a collection of self-searching songs and a landing strip for a musician who has found himself and his genre.”