Pentral Make A Big Noise With Silent Trees Single & Video

The Brazilian hard rockers unleash a preview of their upcoming concept album.

Pentral go into the woods today to unleash the video for the pummelling and prescient single Silent Trees — showcasing on Tinnitist.

A preview of the Brazilian rockers’ forthcoming debut concept disc What Lies Ahead of Us, Silent Trees is the first chapter in the album-length story of a man and a woman who endure trauma and turmoil before they are gifted with a child.

“The couple lives in the woods and gives birth to a child among the threat of ‘the beast’ — which is pretty much the human being itself — interested in destroying the rainforest, and making money,” says singer-guitarist Victor Lima. “The woman has premonitions about a sad ending and, eventually, they have to run to survive as the invaders arrive. It fits the current reality we’re going through. This pandemic is the outcome of the unfriendly way we’ve been treating our environment — and ourselves, as well — and it serves to expose our insensitivity, our lack of empathy [to the world].”

Pentral means spirit in Latin and was chosen to reflect the message behind their sound: The overall need to transcend the “material world” through the power of music — without losing connection with reality and human frailties. The power trio – which also includes bassist Joe Ferry and Victor’s brother Vagner Lima on drums — have been gathering a worldwide audience as a result of their original music, plus their modern take on classic rock songs like Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, Queen’s Who Wants to Live Forever and The BeatlesA Day in the Life.

What Lies Ahead of Us — featuring album art by Canadian Heidi Teillefer — will be available May 7. Watch Silent Trees above, hear more from Pentral below, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.