Matt Morson Urges You To Take A Chance In New Single

The Ontario country artist puts his heart on his sleeve in his tear-jerking track.

Matt Morson risks it all for romance in his new single Take A Chance — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Though the powerful country ballad sounds like a a different approach for the Ontario artist, it’s actually a style of song he writes in quite frequently — though not recently. Case in point: Take A Chance has been on his to-do list for some time.

It “was written many moons ago, for my girlfriend, if I’m being honest,” he reveals. “Since then, it has become so much more … It’s not just a love song, but also a song of hope.”

The track is full of slide guitars, reverb and tear-jerking yet uplifting progressions. There’s also a beautiful roaring guitar solo which oozes raw emotion. On top of that, the hard-hitting chorus is backed and harmonized by a beautiful (and mysterious) female voice? In the chorus, the duo complement each other perfectly when they sing: “So baby take a chance / Open up your heart and grab my hand / Break down those walls and learn to love again / Try to understand that you can.”

“The message ‘take a chance’ could be applied to anything,” Morson says. “Because of all of this, it is a song I am very proud of and one that a great many people had input in to make perfect.”

Barring his most recent release, Morson’s music is heavily influenced by the classic sounds of the southern rock, blues and country genres — from near and far. The rising star first picked up a guitar at the age of 11 when growing up in the rural community based just outside of Toronto. His goal? To master Led Zeppelin’s 1969 classic Communication Breakdown.

As he honed his skills and mastered the art of a stage presence, Morson began incorporating his passion for music in his work by assisting in production and logistics for music festivals. Over time, the charismatic artist discovered a burning desire to perform, and eventually landed himself on stage with the same high-energy band he still performs with to this day.

Over the last five years — with the help of bandmates, various producers and collaborators — Morson has released a handful of singles, including Don’t Cry Over Me, Wanted Man, Nevada Girl, Girl On the Bar and 2020’s Why Woman.

Check out Take A Chance above, hear more from Matt Morson below, and keep up with him on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.