Heremotionss | Running: Exclusive Single Premiere

The New York alt-popster steps up with an a vulnerable, intoxicating new track.

Heremotionss has cold feet about a new love in her intoxicating new single Running — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A compelling chronicle of the early stages of romance and the dangers of moving too fast too soon, the New York singer-songwriter’s latest single sets her sweetly husky croon and vulnerable lyrics to a crisp metronomic beatbox, subliminally swirling synths and video-game squiggles. Balancing timeless songcraft with contemporary alt-pop production and sonics, the seductive track will seamlessly slide into playlists next to everyone from Aqua to Robyn.

While she’s in great company, the dramatic tale behind Running is hers and hers alone. “Running is such a personal and deep song to me,” the 22-year-old artist admits. “It was an incredible process to be able to make such a song that has struck a personal chord with me. When I wrote Running, it all came pouring out.”

Growing up as a 2000s kid, Heremotionss was introduced to the world of emo, alternative music, R&B, and pop through the anime music videos and karaoke that she would find on YouTube. In her own work, Heremotionss shares her most personal experiences and forges a deep, instant and long-lasting connection with her audience. Her debut song Lipstick dropped in 2020, quickly transfixing listeners from around the world. With Running, she’s taking the next step forward. You’ll want to keep up.

Listen to Running above, hear it on your preferred DSP HERE, check out Lipstick below, and follow Heremotionss on Twitter and Instagram.