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Next Week in Music | Jan. 18-24 • The Long List: 225+ Releases On The Way

All the new music headed for your ears over the next seven days. And then some.

Another week, another whack of new music. Govern yourself accordingly:



Akbal × Kheyzine | Cour Des Grands
Marc Almond | The Stars We Are Expanded Edition
Alpine Decline | For The Betterment Of Well People
Azmari | Samā’ī
Ancient Astronauts | Zik Zak
Asphyx | Necroceros
Finn Askew | Peach EP
Astronautica | Take A Hike
Azmari | Samā‘ī’
Baekhyun | Baekhyun
Remy Banks | The Phantom of Paradise
Cecilia Bartoli | Queen of Baroque
Jeremy Bastard | Everyone is History, There is No Memory
Jason Belier | Songs For The Apocalypse
Belushi Speed Ball | Stella 1 and Stella 2 Double EP
Betrayed | The Unbeliever
Bhleg | Ödhin
Bicep | Isles
Jason Bieler & the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra | Songs For The Apocalypse
Bisbâyé | The Sense Of An Ending / Le Sens De La Fin
Black Vatican | Arcana Lament
Bloodkill | Throne of Control
Bloodletter | Funeral Hymns
Bloody Hammers | Songs Of Unspeakable Terror
Mireille Boily | Refuges Mouvants
James Bowers | My Trio Album
The Bright Siders | A Mind of Your Own
Alex Burger | Sweet Montérégie
Burry | Yellow Paint EP
Camp Trash | Downtiming EP
Carm | Carm
Brian Casey the Destroyer | American Carnage
M. Caye Castagnetto | Leap Second
Bill Champlin | Livin’ For Love
Les Chants De Nihil | Le Tyran Et L’esthète
Cherry Bullet | Cherry Rush
Clan Destine Click | 20/20 Kirin V.-.+.-
Clouds | The Parallel
Coffins | Defilements
Emmet Cohen | Future Stride
Comatose | A Way Back
Thee Conductor | Spirit Of A Ghost
Crackazat, | Alfa EP
Louis Crelier | Rester Partir
Creye | II
Cub Scout Bowling Pins | Heaven Beats Iowa EP
Da-Ice | Six
The Dead Daisies | Holy Ground
Maria DeHart | Quarantunes
Deuce Avenue | Perennial Fire and Life
Diamond Dixie | Growing Wings
Robert Dick and Daniel Blake | Laugh and Lie Down
Divide And Dissolve | Gas Lit
Al.Divino & Grubby Pawz | CCXXXVII
Gui Duvignau | 3, 5, 8
John Dwyer, Nick Murray, Brad Caulkins, Tom Dolas & Greg Coates | Witch Egg
Ektomorf | Reborn
Jorge Elbrecht | Presentable Corpse 002
Elio | Can You Hear Me EP
Ellende | Triebe
Emika & Paul Frick | In Parallel
Endezzma | The Archer, Fjord And The Thunder
Epik High | Epik High Is Here (Part 1)
Erick the Architect | Future Proof EP
Ethereal | Catalys2
Even | Down The Shops
Juana Everett | Move On
Fani Pacc | Accidental Kismet
Leon Fanourakis | Shishimai
Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West | FDWOW
FIX8:SED8 | The Inevitable Relapse
FIX8:SED8 | The Inevitable Relapse (Luxus)
Fleeting Joys | Despondent Transponder Reissue
Flood Peak | Fixed Ritual EP
Flux Pavilion | .wav
Jeremiah Fraites | Piano Piano
Fraternity | Seasons of Change: The Complete Recordings 1970-1974
Funeral Fullmoon | Revelation of Evu
Tom Furse | Ecstatic Meditations
Chris Garneau | The Kind
Genesis | A Trick Of the Tail Vinyl Reissue
Genesis | Duke Vinyl Reissue
Jim Ghedi | In the Furrows Of Common Place
The Gibraltarians | Empathy Machine Recovery
Glades | Planetarium
Good Bison | Scattered Storms
Daemon Grey | Follow Your Nightmares
Grima | Rotten Garden
Guccihighwaters | Jokes On You
Steve Hackett | Under A Mediterranean Sky
Kemp Harris | Live at The Bird SF
The Head And The Heart | Rivers and Roads: Live from Pike Place Market
Lande Hekt | Going To Hell
Hellpossession | Phantom Aggressor
Richard Hell & the Voidoids | Destiny Street Complete
Hellvete | Voor Harmonium
Here Lies Man | Ritual Divination
Sol Hess | The Missing View
Utada Hikaru | One Last Kiss
Dixon Hill | Holodeck Beats: Program 3
Linus Hillborg | Magelungsverket
Arthur Hnatek Trio | Static
J. Holiday | Ride
Holygood | Killing Giants EP
Hulder | Godslastering Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry
Isac No Beat & Zagnif Nori | Nascimento E Donovan
Andy James | Tu Amor
Jarryd James | P.M.
Sammy Johnson | Cool & Easy
Willie Jones | Right Now
Alina Kalanceda | Impedence
Kessler | Ambivalent EP
Kinlaw | The Tipping Scale
Kiwi Jr. | Cooler Returns
Kota the Friend | Lyrics to GO Vol. 2
Labyrinth | Welcome To The Absurd Circus
Anna Elizabeth Laube | Annamania
Led Zeppelin | Live In Scandinavia 1969
Lil Skies | Unbothered
Mason Lindahl | Kissing Rosy in the Rain
Maggie Lindemann | Paranoia EP
Little Glee Monster | Gradati∞n
Logic1000 | You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go EP
Lokoy | Badminton
Lonely The Brave | The Hope List
Peewee Longway & Cassius Jay | Longway Sinatra 2
Lova | Grown-ish
Low Khey | Never Turst a Cyborg
The Luxurious Faux Furs | Like A Real Shadow
Machine Listener | Headfooter
Massimo Magee | Live in the Metaverse (to Evan Parker and John Coltrane)
Bugzy Malone | The Resurrection
Mameshiba No Taigun | Mamejor
¡Mayday! | Minute to Midnight 00:59
Mexican Institute of Sound | Distritio Federal
Minimono | Binary Pocket
Kaz Mirblouk | Careless by Contrast
Vic Monroe & Tone Spliff | Marinade
Monstroid | Set 2: Burnt Sky
Moon Taxi | Silver Dream
Hiroki Moriuchi | Sing;est
Ennio Morricone | Morricone Segreto
Justin Moses | Fall Like Rain
Jon Mueller | Family Secret
Los Mundo | La Fortaleza del Sonido
Natti Natasha | Naughty Nat
Nervosa | Perpetual Chaos
Ngozi Family | 45,000 Volts Ressiue
Tristan Null | Synthetic Nature X
Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon | Seventy-Fifth & Amsterdam (Side B) Lost In NYC
Bodhisattya Pal | Astronomer’s Dilemma
Palberta | Palberta5000
Jeff Pennachio | Setting The Stage
La Petite Bande / Sigiswald Kuijken / Anna Gschwend / Lucia Napoli / Stephan Scherpe / Thomas E. Bauer | Kantaten im Januar BWV 72, 92 & 156
Phantom Elite | Titanium
Randi Pontoppidan & Thomas Buckner | Voicescapes
Tiziano Popoli | Burn the Night / Bruciare la Notte: Original Recordings, 1983–1989
Portrayal of Guilt | We Are Always Alone
Sammy Rae & The Friends | Let’s Throw A Party EP
Real Numbers | Brighter Then
Red Cain | Kindred: Act II
Jon Reynolds & The Aches | Petrichor EP
Rhye | Home
Lee Rocker | Gather Round
Rosalia | Lo Vas A Olvidar
Neska Rose | The Repel Of A Young Girl EP
Roselia | Zeal Of Proud
Royal Blood | Typhoon
The Sad Song Co. | Saudade
Elori Saxl | The Blue of Distance
Scarred | Scarred
Schammasch | Lic Lvceat Lvx 10th Anniversary Edition
Conrad Schnitzler | Paracon (The Paragon Session Outtakes 1978-1979)
ScruScru | South Wind, Clear Sky (Part 1)
Sen Senra | Corazón Cromado
Senyawa | Alkisah
The Shang Hi Los | Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit
Caroline Shaw | Narrow Sea
Christopher Shayne | Ten High
Shintaro Quintet | Evolution
Shoecraft | The Great Regulator
Sirakh | Crisis of Faith
Skam | Sound Of A Disease
Slayyyter | Troubled Paradise
Snowk | Powder
Jimi Somewhere | Nothing Gold Can Stay
Special Request & Tim Reaper | Hooversound Presents
Spednar | Coniunctio
Speed Stick | Volume One
Peter Stampfel | Peter Stampfel’s 20th Century
Stephen’s Shore | Brisbane Radio EP
Cory Stewart | Tov
Still Corners | The Last Exit
Sumeru | Blood Ordinance EP
The Sun Came Up Upon The Left and Everson Poe | Ancestral Memory
Andy Susemihl | Alienation
Synpal | Reiki EP
Teen Creeps | Forever
_telemaque_ | June
Temple Ov Saturn | The Rites of Janus
Tenant From Zero | Flight
Tender Central | The Garden
Therion | Leviathan
Th1rt3en | A Magnificent Day For an Exorcism
38kea x Jak3 | Dream Decay
Tomorrow X Together | Still Dreaming
T.P Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou Benin | Vol. 4: Yehouessi Leopold Batteur
Triple Fast Action | Cattlemen Don’t
Robin Trower | The Complete Atlantic Recording
Trztn | Royal Dagger Ballet
Tuzeint | 23 EP
20 Watt Tombstone | Year of the Jackalope
Unbounded Terror | Infernal Judgment
Urban Village | Udondolo
Urfeind | Wraiþaz EP
Vampirska / Glemt | By Sanguinarian Will​.​.​.
Various Artists | Cuba: Music and Revolution – Culture Clash in Havana Cuba – Experiments in Latin Music 1975–85 Vol. 1
Various Artists | Nonesuch Records: Our New Orleans Expanded Edition
Various Artists | Oonops Drops Ruff Cuts
Various Artists | Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan 1980–1988
Wardruna | Kvitravn
Wavedash | By Any Means
Lizzie Weber | How Does It Feel EP
W.E.T | Retransmission
Widowspeak | Honeychurch EP
Wig Wam | Never Say Die
Chris Wilson | Live at the Continental
Witch Egg | Witch Egg
Erik Wøllo | Recurrence
James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra | The Wide, Wide River
Yung | Ongoing Dispute
Zaabriskie | Breathe Out EP