Indie Roundup | 14 Songs To Blow Apart Your Monday

Curimus, Comatose, Delinquentes, Black Soul Horde & others to crank up today.

Curimus show you what’s black and white and red all over, Tim Ayre takes a trip with his mamas and papas, Comatose try to contain the spread — and the fun’s just getting started on your Monday Roundup. If you’re not watching Break It All on Netflix yet, I’d definitely give it a shot.


1 | Curimus | 72 (ft. David Bower)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Finnish death / thrash act Curimus have released yet another music video from their latest album Garden of Eden, whic came out at the end of October. This fourth video is for the track 72, featuring David Bower, legendary frontman of the NWOBHM band Hell. The video was created by video artist Miss Hoo.”

2 | Tim Ayre | California Dreamin’

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Aussie alt-pop artist Tim Ayre previews his forthcoming EP with a lo-fi rework of the classic song California Dreamin’, reminding us of the halcyon days not so long ago Ayre is a singer-songwriter in Melbourne, Australia. Although his project is in its infancy, Ayre is no novice — he was half of the duo Tim & Jean.”

3 | Comatose | Spread

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Spread is the latest cut from Minnesota-based atmospheric rock/grungegaze unit Comatose. The track comes by way of the band’s A Way Back debut, set for release Jan. 22. Says guitarist/vocalist James Benson: “Spread was written shortly before the COVID-19 outbreak became a full-blown pandemic and tracked in early June. The lyrics originally were discussing suicidal ideations and making plans for a letter to explain to someone’s significant other but can easily be construed as a COVID-19 patient’s last plea; the heartbreak of a family unable to see their loved one as they pass away and the inability to have a proper send off and ‘goodbye.’ ”

4 | Delinquentes | Jesus Traficante

TTHE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brazilian hardcore band Deliquentes have released the video for Jesus Traficante as a special year-end celebration. As the band say: “It will be the first time that we will pay our simple tribute to this very special date, Christmas, when the hypocritical hearts of rich and poor alike are filled with joy and commerce is full of passersby eager to buy overpriced gifts by date and by table, to take or spread a terrible Covid.”

5 | M!nt x Sasha Nitze | Coutours

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brooklyn producer M!nt, releases his new single Contours, a guitar focused, cinematic experience that puts the listener in a trance. Featured on the track, Sasha Nitze’s elegant guitar strums flow effortlessly over the production, leaving just enough room for M!nt’s unique vocals. Intentionally created for your headphones, this lush soundscape allows listeners to be engulfed in their own atmosphere of wonder.”

6 | Jeff Michaels | Is It Still Christmas?

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a new holiday song from Boston singer-songwriter Jeff Michaels. During a year that has presented us with more challenges than ever before, music has prevailed, and Michaels and his band are no exception, keeping fans company once again with the release of the poignant Is It Still Christmas? “This year was a tough one for literally everyone on the planet. I hope our tradition of releasing a timely holiday song each year brightens the lives of our fans and friends as much as possible,” Michaels says. “I tried to record a song that didn’t specifically mention the virus or everything else that happened in 2020, but just asks the question, can we at least celebrate Christmas?”

7 | Sirakh | Grown Apart

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hard rockers with a dark touch Sirakh release Grown Apart, the first single from their album Crisis of Faith, due for release on Jan. 22. With their new album, Sirakh promise to show the world what they’re made of by introducing the world to their dark alternative sound, which is guided by the band’s sheer musical talent and technical virtuosity.”

8 | Black Soul Horde | Stone Giants

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Greek epic heavy-metal trio Black Soul Horde have just revealed a lyric video for Stone Giants, off the band’s second full-length album Land Of Demise. Featuring the art of Daphne Keskinidou and with animation by Ioannis Psychos, the animated video is now playing. “Stone Giants was created in a time when we were having writer’s block … What we did was travel to the majestic area of Meteora, to fill our brain with beautiful pictures, with the hope that inspiration would strike! While watching the huge rocks of Meteora, we came up with the idea that they were dead bodies of huge stone giants, thus creating the main concept of the song. Like we always do, we used an epic myth to deal with everyday topics such as prejudice, arrogance and the concept of divine intervention.”

9 | Burden Man | Hours Of Emptiness

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sydney dark metal trio Burden Man have just a revealed Hours of Emptiness, off their upcoming split EP Grievance with Brisbane’s atmospheric black-metal project Othrs. The EP is due out on Jan. 15. Labelled as an experiment, Grievance sees Burden Man growing from a solo project to a three-piece collective. “It has helped open up the doors on Burden Man’s creativity,” says frontman Justin.”

10 | Aeternitas | My Haunted Mind

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Symphonic metal masters Aeternitas have released the video to My Haunted Mind as a Christmas gift to their fans! My Haunted Mind is taken from their latest studio effort Haunted Minds. The band say: “This heart-breaking ballad is the most-played song of our new album.”

11 | Forest of Dreams | A Noite Mais Longa … Solstício de Inverno

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Portuguese black metal act Forest of Dreams just released their first new single A Noite Mais Longa … Solstício de Inverno, from their third upcoming release (out next year).”

12+13 | Mariatti | Proxima + Kepler 62f

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Proxima b/w Kepler 62f is the result of a deep reflection about life in space. The isolation gives the chance to look ourselves inside and, perhaps, see things differently. The resulting introspection makes our experience almost identical to the astronauts’ one. Let’s think about a man who embarked on a journey in a hostile, apparently empty but full of lethal singularities environment. This condition could appear very far from our earthly perception. But the path offers continuous chances of confrontation with that lack of certainties characterizing the man we left out there, in a deep void, running out of oxygen. Music and its energy are the key to face times like these. The release name express something deep and comforting, a hope that rips the void, almost like the discovery of a new exoplanet, after a long and uncertain journey.”

14 | Spiritual Don | Don’t Wait For Christmas

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Key Changes, the world’s first mental health-based record label, work with over 3,000 musicians a year. Spiritual Don is a prime example of the charity’s amazing work. After having a breakdown at 18 brought on by isolation, Spiritual Don went through a number of struggles. Key Changes not only offered him a creative outlet but also the companionship and friendship he needed to overcome his difficulties. Reflecting his newfound sense of humour and joy, Spiritual Don’s Christmas single shines a light on his transformation. Don’t Wait For Christmas urges us to embrace happiness all year round. Says Don: “If you think you’re gonna survive on your own, you’re fooling yourself.”