Mikey Votano | All I Want For Christmas Is You: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Australian artist and performer brings new life to Mariah’s iconic holiday track.

Mikey Votano puts his own vibrant spin on a holiday standard with his vintage big-band revamp of All I Want For Christmas Is You — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

For his third single of the year, the Australian artist and performer brings new life to Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas track by blending in his own old-school rock ’n’ roll stylings — along with a mammoth big band driven by a 14-piece horn section.

“Every year my sisters and I turn up the Christmas tunes and scream along at the top of our lungs,” Mikey confesses. “No matter if we’re shopping for presents, visiting family, cooking up a storm or whatever may be happening, there is always Christmas music being unapologetically sung and danced along to. All I Want For Christmas Is You is definitely one of the favourites, and the challenge to recreate the track in such a way that paid tribute to the original whilst giving listeners a completely new experience was too exciting to pass up.

“Christmas is a guilty pleasure time of year and this is a guilty pleasure kind of song. If it feels good, turn it up and enjoy the hell out of it. I wanted to create a track that enticed people to unashamedly sing along and dance around the kitchen ’til their feet hurt.”

The video for All I Want For Christmas Is You pays homage to popular holiday movies including Love Actually, Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch That Stole Christmas and more. Quirky scenes including everything from turkeys and chainsaws, to flying paint cans, stuffed gremlins and spaghetti drenched in maple syrup highlight Mikey’s fun and exciting style as a performer.

“This video was too much fun to make,” Mikey enthuses. “I wanted to show a touch of the complete and utter joy Christmas is capable of bringing. There’s a whole heap of Christmas-film Easter eggs throughout the video. Mostly I just wanted to make something that made a whole heap of people smile.”

Enjoy the video for All I Want For Christmas Is You above, listen to the song on your preferred DSP, hear more from Mikey Votano below, and keep up with him on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

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