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Albums Of The Week: John Fogerty | Fogerty’s Factory

The former CCR frontman & his kids update & expand one of his classic ’60s LPs.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “What began as some quality time together, playing music as a family, has now become an expanded album — Fogerty’s Factory, released in celebration of John Fogerty’s 75th birthday!

While self-quarantining together, the Fogerty family — John, his sons Shane, Tyler (Hearty Har) and daughter Kelsy — gathered in their home studio to play some music together. An idea was spawned; why not film these session’s and release them as videos? Fogerty’s Factory was done from their home with very little pro equipment to film, and with Julie Fogerty producing the videos while the family played. It was a family project, with a new video released each Friday as part of a special series. Fans loved it, eagerly waiting each week to hear John’s songs, which brought back good memories and offered comfort during these scary and unchartered times.

“Our family got together and decided we would spread some joy with music in these trying times,” explains John. “We recreated Cosmo’s Factory and it became Fogerty’s Factory … my sons, daughter Kelsy, Julie and we even got Bob Fogerty to shoot the cover photo — a total family affair!”

The audio from these sessions has now been mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway, and curated together to form the new EP. The Family even recreated the classic cover of Cosmo’s Factory, transforming the original idea into what is now known as, Fogerty’s Factory. Both the original cover as well as the new Fogerty’s Factory cover, were shot by family member Bob Fogerty.

As John explained back with the first video release, when the quarantine order began: “Bringing a little light from our home to yours. We are having a little family fun together during the pandemic. It’s such a great feeling to be making and playin’ music surrounded by love. We all need to celebrate the life we have and remember how precious it is. I love music, I am listening every day. Makes everything feel better for me. Put the records on, pull out the old guitar, turn the radio up … and dance to the music!”