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Albums Of The Week: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown | Shake The Roots

The Nashville trio — which includes Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford's son — continue to fuse muscular riff-rock, roots and blues on their fifth full-length.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following the release of their last album Pressure in 2020, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown decided it was time to return to their independent roots. This change in course was inspired both by urgency and an enduring sense of commitment to their audience. Their hope ultimately being that having a greater degree of ownership over the recording, promotion, and release of their music will strengthen the conviction of the band, while tearing down any barriers that could prevent fans from hearing their most earnest work. The decision was made, Rattle Shake Records was born.

Shake The Roots is the band’s fifth full-length album. It encompasses the energy of their live show and is a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Shakedown. The edges are not sanded down, but the attention to detail isn’t lacking one bit. It sounds as if they approached the writing and recording of this record with the same intention they approach their live performances with. It is evident that the band means it and wants it to mean even more to their fans.

“We spend so much time writing and recording, it’s time we start spending more time sharing our art with the people who care. We’ve seen how the soup gets made and are confident that any ingredients we are missing will be obtained. That’s the spirit of this band and has been since Day 1. We’ve built our fan base in such a grass roots way that it only makes sense. They want to support us and OUR collective cause. When I say ‘our,’ I’m including the fans. They are the reason we feel confident enough to make this leap. This is the next logical step in our trajectory as a band and we are thrilled to offer up Shake the Roots as the first release from Rattle Shake Records.”

Tyler puts this pivot in their business model simply, “We want to release MORE music and we want our fans to know that their support is what is fueling it.”

It’s one thing to choose to become the master of your own destiny, but it’s an entirely different animal to identify the adversity that may come your way in the process. Bryant has grown into the type of person who no longer sees that as a red stop sign. For him, it’s often a useful indicator to keep pushing forward. “I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety over the years and there are certain techniques that you use to manage it. You learn how to breathe properly. That’s sort of what the Shakedown is doing right now. We’re learning these techniques that will allow us to breathe and thrive as a band. Sure, there’s some insecurity in what we’re doing, but that insecurity is fuel. If you know what you’ve gotta do in your heart, you’ve just gotta do it.”

Bryant remains grateful for the journey thus far and is brimming with excitement for what lies ahead. In his mind, he, Caleb Crosby and Graham Whitford are neither too far removed from the early days of the band playing clubs overseas, nor an enduring ‘DIY’ mentality for what lies ahead.

Long before playing hundreds upon hundreds of shows and sharing the stage with countless venerable icons of their craft, the members of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown were just wide-eyed, attentively mesmerized kids listening to records; knowing early on that music would guide their journeys through life. Perhaps it’s for that very reason that the last few years have urged them to ask a question that has become so ubiquitous in our culture, both in America and abroad: “What am I meant to do with my skills? How can I best serve myself and the people I care for? How do I keep the enthusiasm of a kid hearing rock ’n’ roll for the first time alive?”

As the Shakedown embark on relatively uncharted waters, Bryant feels fortunate to have such a wide-ranging and evolving education. These days, the lessons have come courtesy of the frontman’s studio in Nashville. Tyler and Caleb also contributed to the new Larkin Poe record Blood Harmony.

For a band that’s stood on too many decorated stages to count and seen first-hand how the greats always seize the opportunity to push beyond their comfort zone, we shouldn’t be surprised by their new endeavor. It’s just the latest in a long list of lessons learned. If there is one thing we know for certain, the roots run deep with Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.”