Prïnceps X DJ EKL | Show Me What The Hell You’re Supposed To Be: Exclusive Video Premiere

The U.K. electronica duo & the Italian DJ unveil a dynamic preview of their Trinity EP.

Prïnceps and DJ EKL prove three heads are better than one with their new single and video Show Me What The Hell You’re Supposed To Be — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A preview of their new collaborative EP Trinity, which arrives Friday Oct. 23, the dynamic, pumping track delivers a massive punch with its hybrid of high-tech electronica and throat-shredding indie-rock — while the animated video keeps pace with its eye-popping graphics and unstoppable momentum.

Prïnceps (stylised as :princeps, pronounced prins-eps) are a London-based electronic duo consisting of singer Renz Byrne and bassist and producer Marko Press. The two have worked together for years, forming Prïnceps when their previous band split up in 2018. Their name is inspired by their mutual love of Ancient Rome (Press’s home city) and the video game Rome: Total War.

Described as a fusion of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Bring Me The Horizon and The Used, Prïnceps’ influences range far and wide. They have covered a wide range of genres, the only common theme being that they must love the songs, as well as releasing their own original music. Their new EP is a collaboration with Italian producer DJ EKL, who they had collaborated with before. The track was conceived and worked on during lockdown. The band wanted to give their production a strong electronic touch and their friendship with DJ EKL made him the obvious choice. Prïnceps pre-produced all the songs and worked with EKL to reach a ‘deviant’ sound that they feel truly represents them.

Extraordinarily prolific and diverse, Prïnceps have explored politics with their single MEGA, dubstep with Nostalgia, dance with Skeleton, drum ‘n’ bass on Already Forgotten You and mashed electro and rock together in their recent single Oh So Fun!, released in August 2020. The lead track on the new Trinity EP is Show Me What The Hell You’re Supposed To Be, is perhaps their most authentic track to date.

Marko says : “Randomly one day, during a call with EKL we found that he wasn’t having the best time of his life due the lockdown, as many of us I guess, so we simply said “Hey man, we’ve got something that will make your time better! Wanna produce some sick music with us?” And here we go; after a couple of weeks the EP was ready. This is another proof of how music connects people, how is an expression of love that can make things better! And in the same way we made the video of Show Me What The Hell You’re Supposed To Be, in this case thanks to Vibes Art.”

With their contrasting mix of high energy, positive dance music and nihilistic and depressing lyrics, perhaps Prïnceps are the perfect band for the coronavirus age with its constantly changing landscape. Pre-save the EP HERE, watch the video for Show Me What The Hell You’re Supposed To Be above, follow Prïnceps on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and keep up with DJ EKL on Facebook and Instagram.