Harkness | I.D.: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Toronto indie-rocker rises to The Occasion with his eccentric debut.

Harkness whips out his I.D. and introduces himself with his debut video and single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“These days, everyone is talking about ‘living in the moment’ but how closely are we really watching ourselves?” asks the eccentric and eclectic Toronto indie-rocker. “As ambiguous as these song lyrics may appear, they are a call to be extremely attentive to our own inner world and maybe through that type of observation we can find the real root and source of our pain.”

The first single off the upcoming Harness debut album The Occasion — due out in the spring of 2021 — I.D. rides a wave of groovy surf rock mixed with a bit of Tame Impala. Warm three-part vocal harmonies, twangy electric guitars and a hypnotic drumbeat evoke the feeling of a weekend drive out of town. Instead of bombarding the listener with sonic colours — something Harkness is also known to do — I.D. finds his sonic landscape relatively stripped down, in keeping with the theme of the song: Who are we without all of our hangups, desires and petty ambitions?

Watch I.D. above, listen to the song on your DSP of choice HERE, and meet Harkness on his website and Instagram.