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Now Hear This: Yello | Point

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A Yello album is like a magical mystery tour. We may know where the journey starts but we have no idea where it will end.

Undeniably unique and inspirational to generations of DJs and producers, Swiss electronic pioneers Yello return with their 14th studio album Point. Musically, Point takes the classic Yello sound of records like Stella, One Second and Flag and twists it into something ultra-modern. It’s part spy film, part Dali painting, part strobe-lit dance floor, part 4D car chase and part deep space torch song. It’s Yello, absolutely on point.

Waba Duba was the new single to kick it all off. Driven by a rhythm born from the romantic union of a fiery charleston and a sunny samba and sprinkled, of course, with the vocal musings of Dieter Meier, whose dedication to the cause of nonsensical earnestness is impeccable, as he recites a percussive list of rhymes and alliterations of mysterious meaning: “I want one more chance / Don’t want to lose my pants.” Waba Duba is a three-minute concentrate of Dada wit, self-irony and exuberance. In other words, typically Yello – and typically unforgettable.”