Indie Roundup | 52 Tracks To Get You Through The Weekend

Elvis, Ayron Jones, Mo Kenney, Phobetor and more will keep you busy until Monday.

Elvis Costello is two-faced, Ayron Jones brings some big sound energy, Mo Kenney is guided by quiet voices, Phobetor screams and screams again, Hawksley Workman fakes it and plenty more in your typically hefty Friday Roundup. The weekend starts in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …



1 | Elvis Costello | Hey Clockface / How Can You Face Me?

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Elvis Costello releases Hey Clockface / How Can You Face Me?, the fourth advance track from the Hey Clockface album, which will be released on Oct. 30. While his initial trio of bulletins were recorded over three days in the Finnish capital in February, 2020, Hey Clockface is the first song to be released from sessions that took place in Paris on the following weekend. The ensemble dubbed Le Quintette Saint Germain is lead by Steve Nieve at the piano, with Mickaël Gasche on trumpet, Renaud-Gabriel Pion on clarinet and contrabass clarinet, Pierre-François “Titi” Diufour on cello and AJUQ on drums. “This is a song about picking an argument with time, the very clock face, either running too fast or too slow, depending on the company you keep.”

2 | Ayron Jones | Boys From The Puget Sound

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rock singer-guitarist Ayron Jones follows up the release of his unflinching single Take Me Away with a boisterous anthem to his hometown. Jones describes the song saying “Boys From The Puget Sound is like when you and your black rock band walk into a small town club and then get told you don’t belong there, until you turn your amps up to ‘I DON’T GIVE A F#$%” and shatter the walls of preconceived notion. Consider it an anthem for the Pacific Northwest and a meeting place for American Pride. Can you hear me?”

3 | Mo Kenney | Game of Pricks

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “While Mo Keney’s latest release Game of Pricks has long been a raucous staple of Guided by Voices shows, its lyrics have always conjured feelings of isolation more than celebration. Kenney gets at the bones of the song with her version, distilling things to their haunted core as desolate piano fills the spaces between the words, sung not much louder than a whisper. “I hope Guided by Voices fans enjoy my take on the song. I slowed it right down and set it to piano. You can really hear how cool the lyrics are. Joel Plaskett and I produced it. We sat on opposite sides of the studio, Joel at the piano and me sitting in front of a mic. It was one of the best moments of making the record.”

4 | Phobetor | Bury My Name

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “From its beginnings in blood and pain to its ending in a last shuddering breath, life is a wild ride of confusion and terror; boiling black storm clouds punctuated by all too rare rays of warming sunshine. Phobetor’s dynamic debut album When Life Falls Silent tears away the veils of deceit that conceal this terrifying truth from our frantic gaze. They tap into the vein of our ceaseless struggles and drink deep of our desperate blood. With explosive riffs and agonized vocals they harness raw, dangerous emotions and soul-shaking power. All the rage and agony of the human condition are presented in the visceral power of the track Bury My Name and the brilliant video that brings it to life.”

5 | Hawksley Workman | Dwindling Beauty (let’s fake our deaths together)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hawksley Workman premieres a new single titled Dwindling Beauty (let’s fake our deaths together). The track sees Workman take a darker, more contemplative turn with a meditation on emptiness, and questioning what happens if we give into despair: “One day we’ll get tired of the grudge, we’ve held our hates so close for so long, it’s hard to know where it ends, and our real selves begin.”

6 | The Flamingos Pink | Morning Light

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal rock ’n’ roll duo The Flamingos PinkSacha Gubany (guitar / vocals) and Julien Corrado (drums / percussion) — announce their second album Outtacontroller, to drop on Oct. 23. Outtacontroller follows the duo’s 2019 debut, Kustom Kreme. The band also share a first taste of the new music with lead single Morning Light.Morning Light is the sliver of sunshine on your skin to remind you that you’re thankful to be alive,” reveal the duo. “When everything stops but our minds are still racing, the past seems so far away and the future even further. The present moment is a heavy concept that never seems to stay in place. It creates tension and tension always has a way of bringing out intense emotions. It’s being nostalgic about the past and hopeful for the days to come.”

7 | Owen Meany’s Batting Stance | Breakfast Again

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Owen Meany’s Batting Stance is a wonderful literary folk-rock act. Their new album Feather Weights is available on Oct. 2. If you like Weakerthans/John K. Sampson, Mountain Goats/John Darnielle, Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst, Neko Case and/or Jenny Lewis, you’ll find lots to love here. Lyrically — and few artists hold lyrics to careful and delicate heart like Owen Meany’s Daniel Walker. The new album opens with a mediation on toxic masculinity ends in the middle of a breakup on Breakfast Again, where the album’s thesis statement closes the whole thing out. Backed by a host of Maritime all-stars, Walker’s off-kilter song structures, dynamic and intense, sometimes swelling with fervour, others delicate as a whisper.”


8 | Kendra Morris | This Life

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kendra Morris recalls singers who straddled soul and rock during the early ’70s, such as Ruth Copeland and Chaka Khan. After touring with Dennis Coffey and releasing singles that she did with collaborator Jeremy Page, Morris released the album Banshee (2012). In 2013, Morris returned with the covers album Mockingbird. She also worked on a band with friends Scarlett Johansson, Julia Haltigan and Holly Miranda. With Este Haim joining on drums, they released one single, Candy and a cover of Bizarre Love Triangle. With her new single This Life, Kendra is once again stepping into the contemporary R&B scene and bringing her vintage vibes while still facing forward!”

9 | Josie Proto | I Bet You Fall Apart

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rising British talent Josie Proto aims to keep fans hooked with lively new single I Bet You Fall Apart, which she just released as a surprise. Dedicated to individuals who have had the misfortune of going through an embarrassing shock breakup, the bubbly track hears Josie deliberately create a sonically awkward atmosphere to reflect the peculiar story of getting the ‘ick’ which Josie quirkily tells.”

10 | Emily Edrosa | Wade Thru

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “New Zealand songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emily Edrosa shared a punchy new single + video today off upcoming album Another Wave Is Coming Out (out Nov 20). Mixed by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.), the record has touches of Courtney Barnett and The Beths (singer Liz Stokes actually helped record some), along with a biting DIY drive from the queer indie-punk artist. Leaving her home in New Zealand where she fronted award-winning band Street Chant and mentored young musicians at Girls Rock! Camp NZ, Emily Edrosa took a chance on the Green Card lottery, won, and moved to LA…”

11 | Chamomile and Whiskey | Way Back

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “All it took was a bit of simple mixology to connect the dots for Marie Borgman and Koda Kerl, better known as the founders of deep-roots-rock outfit Chamomile and Whiskey. On Oct. 30, the band will release their third LP, Red Clay Heart. Produced by Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), Red Clay Heart opens with a rollicking backbeat and harmonized guitars that would make Dickie Betts crack a smile. That tune is the album’s first single, Way Back. Filmed in the band’s favorite Charlottesville bar, The Whiskey Jar, Kerl reminiscences, “I guess this one comes from being in a small-town scene for a long time and thinking about how much I used to care about things that don’t matter so much to me anymore. I felt it would be a good song for our new lineup… more electric guitar, slightly tongue in cheek and a little “f*** it.”

12 | Casely | Rude Boy Summer

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Buzzworthy artist Casely just unveiled Rude Boy Summer with Braveboy and DJ Jessy ‘PeeWee’ Berrios. Reminiscent of an old -school dancehall summer jam with some deep bass feels, Casely’s magnetic video provides a vibrant way for fans to close out the whirlwind known as Summer 2020. The final moments of the video pay tribute to DJs all over the world whose performances and livelihood have been impacted by COVID-19.”

13 | Nils Wülker | Blow Up

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “All systems GO. That album title is tailor-made for a musician and a human being like Nils Wülker — always on the move, curious and forward-thinking, his head full of musical ideas. A man who moved from Hamburg to Munich with his family so he could be closer to the mountains. The first-time dad for little over a year now spent that time taking care of his daughter by day and writing, producing, and recording the most exciting album of his career at night. Along with the release of the full album, Wülker is also sharing a new visual for one of the album’s best tracks, Blow Up. In the split-screen video, you watch as Wülker builds the 49 layers of horns that make the track such a standout on the album.”

14 | Mipso | Let A Little Light In

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “As Mipso’s Joseph Terrell recently observed, nostalgia can be a bit of a tricky thing to navigate. “I think there’s a double strangeness in looking back on our childhoods from our late 20s,” he notes. “For one thing, the memories themselves are fuzzy, deceitful. And then all the strongest emotions I can access – the moments of joy and triumph or heartbreak — feel unfamiliar, like I can’t see the world that way anymore.” Mipso’s Let a Little Light In gives voice to the complex feelings childhood memories can evoke, and the companion video illustrates a series of moments on a typical summer afternoon in all their awkward, messy, mundane glory. Let a Little Light In appears on Mipso’s self-titled album, out Oct. 16.”

15 | Paradise | Who Do You Wanna Be

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Like many musicians and bands, members of Montreal’s heavy stoner rockers Paradise are citizens of the globe. They have been observing life with the Covid 19 pandemic along with social and political unrest in various parts of the world. In an artistic commentary, the band has taken their track Who Do You Wanna Be off their latest self-titled album and created a new music video questioning our identity during global uncertainty. The band comments: ” We’ve always been about partying and rock and roll, but there comes a time when you have to ask yourself: WTF am I doing, and how did we get here? This video suggests that it is time to take a good long look in the mirror.”

16 | Elderseer | Bind Us As One

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Elderseer are the lords of pagan doom. Their video for Bind Us As One features the title track of their EP. A blend of lyrics, live images and stunning natural imagery this clip captures the spirit of Elderseer — the mournful, stately progress, the delicate, echoing guitar notes that provide a fragile counterpoint to the gargantuan riffs and thundering drums, the raw, grim vocals that perfectly enunciate the emotive lyrics. Bind Us As One is an anguished plea, a cry from the bleeding heart of the land, a glimpse of the ancient powers that reside there. The combination of live footage and evocative images of nature shines a light upon the soul of Elderseer — captives of modern society, yearning for the hillsides and forests.”

17 | My Silent Wake | An Affectionate Remembrance

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:My Silent Wake’s Damnum Per Saeculorum is an album that captivates your senses and enfolds you in an atmosphere so rich and deep it is wonderfully inescapable. Recorded in various locations and different times as 2019 slipped away and 2020 struggled into life and featuring vocal and lyrical contributions from friends and family, Damnum Per Saeculorum grew organically, taking form, shape and substance as the seasons changed. The album is a living thing, a world in itself, a place to visit as much as an album to listen to. An Affectionate Remembrance is a track of ghostly fragility and its haunting essence is beautifully represented in the hypnotic video of soft grey hues that accompanies it.”

18 | Motor!k | Headlights

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Step into their world and let them take you by surprise. Belgium guitarist/synthesist Joeri Dobbeleir (The Whereabouts Of J. Albert), together with Dirk Ivens on guitar/FX (known for his work with The Klinik and Dive amongst others) and drummer Dries D’Hollander (ex-Suburb Songs), forges a new path artistically and musically. Motor!k’s second album Motor!k 2 is ready and set for Sept. 25. The front cover picture by Paul Banks (Interpol / Muzz) was used with kind permission and captures the mood of the album perfectly. Today, Motor!k present their single Headlights from the upcoming album! “The track was inspired while being a passenger in a car on a dark road, hence the name Headlights.”

19 | Arcadian Child | Snakecharm

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Mediterranean Sea’s psychedelic rock craftsmen Arcadian Child premiere their sexy and subliminal video for Snakecharm. The single is taken from their new album Protopsycho, coming out on Oct. 9. Protopsycho finds the mercurial Cyprus psychedelic rock quartet experimenting with new sounds to progress and evolve. With a music that channels the squealing sirens of the Mediterranean up to the dark bellows of the West, Arcadian Child deliver their ritualistic psych-rock melded with tripped-out ambiances, hallucinogenic patterns, and cathartic outbursts. Boasting a heady swagger, sophisticated riffs and purposeful lyrics, their music echoes far and wide.”

20 | Revelino | Happiness is Mine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Revelino celebrated the release of their eponymous debut album on Oct. 6, 1994. The album received rave reviews and the lead single Happiness is Mine had an immediate impact on radio in Ireland. Revelino will be released on vinyl on Oct. 9 – 26 years to the week since the original release date. The album has been remastered and the bonus EP features a remixed Happiness is Mine plus five previously unreleased songs.”

21 | Wild Youth | Next to You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Making their long-awaited return today after a monumental 2019 which saw them land in the Irish charts with a Top 5 EP, Wild Youth’s Next to You is a euphoric ’80s-steeped soundscape packed with gorgeous melodies and glittering hooks, inspired by the all-too-universal idea of immediate romance. The vibrant, kaleidoscopic video is marked by the four members’ irresistibly catchy signature moves which have helped them make major strides in the Irish pop scene over the last few years. Next to You is the first from their forthcoming new body of work after 2019’s The Last Goodbye EP and their well-received bops Can’t Move On and Making Me Dance.”

22 | Hurtsfall | Revelator

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nottingham quartet Hurtsfall return with their latest single Revelator, which recalls the spirit of the ’80s with a distinctly modern twist, complete with a quoteable spoken word breakdown! Recorded in Nottingham with producer and longtime collaborator Mark Parkins at Psyrex Soundlab, Revelator aims to tantalise the senses. Mixed during the COVID-19 lockdown, time and care was taken to refine the Hurtsfall sound.”

23 | The Silverbeets | We Mattered Once Upon a Time

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Australian indie art-rockers The Silverbeets have announced they will be releasing their Halcyon Days album this autumn. Offering a taste of things to come, the quartet present the lead track We Mattered Once Upon a Time, along with accompanying video. “This is a song about how government, or people in power, once treated people with some common decency, like we mattered. However all semblance of caring seems to have completely gone by the wayside and all we have left is the greed of man, the greed of those in power who know how to use it against the 99% Viva la revolution!” says frontman Farnz Cordeaux.”

24 | Rave The Reqviem | Riptide

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden’s Rave The Reqviem unveil their first single Riptide. It comes from their upcoming magnum opus Stigmata Itch (out Dec. 4) and revisits the ancient myth. “Anno 2020, death anxiety is more present than ever. The apocalypse is coming closer by every minute, and there might be no way to stop it. When the end finally comes — delivered in cold blood from above — can we truly say that we deserve anything else?” With grinding guitars, heavy industrial beats, dramatic strings, and a catchy chorus, Rave The Reqviem delivers the message with this fast-paced banger.”

25 | Wreck-Defy | Freedomless Speech

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The crushing new album from Canada’s thrash metal machine Wreck-Defy, featuring guitarist Matt Hanchuck alongside former Annihilator singer Aaron Randall, former Testament bass player Greg Christian and former Malevolent Creation drummer Alex Marquez. Watch the video for their first single Freedomless Speech now.”

26 | Marigolds+Monsters | Falling Out Of Rhythm (ft. Travis Barker & Tilian)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Matthew James Malpass is an American musician, producer, engineer, mixer, and singer/songwriter from Augusta, Ga. He’s also the mastermind behind his new solo project Marigolds+Monsters. On Oct. 16, Marigolds+Monsters will release the debut album Glow and is giving listeners a preview with the new single Falling Out Of Rhythm (featuring Travis Barker and Tilian). Of the track, Matt says, “I wrote this song with Tilian a few years back while we were recording one of his solo albums. It sort of sat on the shelf because it never quite musically conveyed what I wanted. One day as I was working with Travis on another project, I played him the demo and immediately he said “I know what this needs” and within five minutes he had laid down the drum track, first take, giving it exactly the life it needed. Travis and Tilian are both dear friends that happen to be insanely talented. I’m super grateful to have been able to do this song with them.”

27 | Glen Templeton | Country As You Wanna Get

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Country As You Wanna Get serves as blue-collared hero Glen Templeton’s first release of 2020. Having built his reputation on delivering 100-proof, honky-tonk approved material, this upcoming single is as ‘in your face country’ as GT has ever been. Southern bred and backwoods fed, he is one of the few artists whose never strayed from country music’s red dirt roads. “I won’t say I’ve ever put out music that isn’t authentic,” Templeton admits, “But I can say that I’ve never felt more ‘me’ before.. I’ve never felt more like Glen Templeton than I do when I play this song, and being able to share it with the ones who’ve been here since I got my start is one of the highlights of my career.”

28 | Seul | Loser

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Seul is a Brooklyn artist. Loser was created as a result of the 2020 pandemic and the enforced confinement in New York City. Seul, meaning “alone” in French, is an example of the creativity which can flourish, even in the darkest of times. Produced, written and performed by Seul entirely, Loser is a relatable track, narrating the emotions that most of the world were feeling during lockdown. With more time on our hands than ever before, people can easily over-analyze negative parts of their lives, including their flaws and things you would constantly avoid by having “no time.” Seul admits, “I had this frustration in me that came out in the form of this song. It’s a bit of a “So what?” song, I don’t have money, nor someone in my bed and I don’t care.”

29 | The War And Treaty | Hearts Town

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Tanya Blount-Trotter and Michael Trotter Jr. — the husband-and-wife musical duo known as The War And Treaty — have released Hearts Town, the title track from their new album, out Sept. 25. Hearts Town, a sprawling and symphonic paean to the healing power of love, was largely inspired by the early days of the couple’s relationship. Michael Trotter explains, “We often come into relationships with our guards up because we have experienced pain from love. And too often when we enter our next relationship, we expect that pain again. But not in this love that I have found with my wife, Tanya.”

30 | Gulfer | Heat Wave

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Montreal’s Gulfer are sharing their latest single Heat Wave, once again delivering a slice of explosive and agile emo. The second track taken from Gulfer, their new self-titled album out Oct. 16, it follows last month’s Forget (Friendly). Vocalist/guitarist Joseph Therriault explains: “Heat Wave is about how conversation and interpersonal interactions can be so performative. It’s about how people present an idealized version of themselves in many situations (myself included). This is something I’ve been noticing more and more as I get older and lose touch with old friends. In a way, the flip side of that coin is to draw attention to how important real friendships are.”

31 | Rudy de Anda | I’m Still At The Bar

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:I’m Still At The Bar is the fourth single from Rudy de Anda’ new album Tender Epoch, out on Sept. 18. Conceived in the 1980s in Mexico and brought to California through the border inside of his pregnant mother, Rudy de Anda’s debut solo record is a love letter to the long historical lineage of rock ’n’ roll music as interpreted through his multicultural lens. “I write my own story, I don’t want to be defined by any scene” De Anda proclaims.”

32 | Mines Falls | From Behind Glass

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Mines Falls is an L.A. duo of brothers who work in film and design by day and make luxurious, moody pop music by night. From Behind Glass explores darker textures across a more sprawling odyssey than most of the record, culminating in a lush string arrangement. Quote fom Carson Lund: “In some ways this song epitomizes the sound we were gravitating towards with this album: angular, unsettling, and neither organic nor fully electronic. A wonderful musician from Chicago, Matchess, who also performed in a feature film I shot in the summer of 2019, plays the beautiful strings, which provide a counterpoint to Erik’s sharper analog synth sounds. Like several other songs on this album, the lyrics paint a portrait of a deteriorating relationship that’s a few parts autobiographical and several parts fiction.”

33 | Riches | Eyes Open But Not Looking

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Riches is the manifestation of an ongoing dialogue between Catherine McCandless, lead singer of Montreal’s Young Galaxy, and choreographer Wynn Holmes. With their debut full-length Fantasy Chapel slated for release on Sept. 25, the duo have unveiled a second single from the record. Eyes Open But Not Looking is about the longing for the creative spirit and the lengths to which we are willing to go to conjure it. This process requires being open to every channel internally, meditating on intention, capturing something that cannot be seen — the eyes must be open but not looking.”

34 | Mike Plume | It’s A Long Long Way (ft. The Road Hammers)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On the heels of his latest album Lonesome Stretch Of Highway, Edmonton singer-songwriter Mike Plume is sharing the latest single It’s A Long Long Way, which features Canadian country stalwarts The Road Hammers, aka Jason McCoy, Clayton Bellamy and Chris Byrne. “I think with this record, patience has been the key,” Plume explains. “Some of these songs were kicking around for a long time, but they just weren’t ready. They just didn’t feel finished at the time I wrote them. Close, but not quite. I knew they had potential, so I just kept going back to them on a regular basis. I’m glad that I kept working on them, kneading them, massaging them, because that craftsman-like mentality has, I feel, helped this album to be among the best I’ve made.”

35 | The Messenger Birds | Everything Has to Fall Apart Eventually

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Detroit alternative rockers The Messenger Birds will release their debut album Everything Has To Fall Apart Eventually on Oct. 7. Of the first single, the band says: “It’s a bit of sensory overload, which is intentional. We’re living in this time where we are inundated every minute of the day with new information, conspiracies, and propaganda on the internet/social media, and it’s a constant battle for people to analyze it all and understand it for what it is. What’s true? What’s not? How do you decipher it, and how can you tell the difference? Everybody has something to say, but it’s all finger-pointing without an openness for real discourse or learning. That’s kind of what Everything Has to Fall Apart Eventually is about…”

36 | Paul Collins’ Beat | Another World

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Culled from Paul Collins’ personal archives Another World: The Best Of The Archives compiles previously unreleased tracks going back to 1978 and the early days of the Paul Collins’ Beat. All of these songs have been carefully remastered. Complete with extensive liner notes by the man himself, this is an album for rock ’n’ roll lovers everywhere. The vinyl comes with an insert, while the CD version includes a six-page booklet and four bonus tracks not on the vinyl.”

37 | Tropical Fuck Storm | Heaven

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Australia’s Tropical Fuck Storm have released their Legal Ghost 7″. Alongside, they share the B-side, a cover of Talking HeadsHeaven. Recorded on the same four-track machine that Legal Ghost was originally recorded on over 20 years ago, the song features guest performers Don Don and H’y, on pedal steel and violin, respectively. “Heaven is this weird chameleon-like tune which has meant one thing for about 40 years, but in light of all this pandemic shit and all the trouble and strife in the western world, has done a total 180-degree flip and now means the reverse of what it once did. It also has a lovely melody.”

38 | Dancer | Dreamer

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Australian alternative-pop four-piece Dancer are poised to announce their debut release with the arrival of Dreamer, a breezy, hypnotic, inspired alt-pop jam brimming with confidence, with cheeky nods to fellow luminaries Tame Impala and SG Lewis. Dancer say: “Don’t be fooled by the innocent looking title, conceptually while the idea of Dreamer has drifted into normality it is something that is wrestled with by every individual. This song explores the heart of the personal and individual view of our dreams and how our belief and misunderstanding in them is what makes us human.”

39 | Amigo The Devil | Stronger Than Dead

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Dark folk anomaly Amigo the Devil has released a new video for Stronger Than Dead. The song and video have an underlying emotional heaviness to it which is a trademark of Amigo The Devil’s sound. Stronger Than Dead is the second single off of Amigo The Devil’s new “living” album project simply titled Covers, Demos, Live Versions, B-Sides, which will compile unofficial tracks and vulnerable rarities into one continuously growing collection.”

40 | 4 Guys From The Future | You I Want

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Danish indie art-pop act 4 Guys From The Future is back with the second single You I Want from new EP Arches, out in late October. The new single You I Want is a tribute to Prince and the hope that the future will bring answers: Mastermind Bjarke Porsmose comments: “You I Want is a funky little gospel song I wrote shortly after Prince’s death. I had talked to a good friend about writing something in Prince’s spirit and You I Want came out then. Although it has become its own, I will not hide that it is a little kip with the hat for “le petit Prince.”

41 | Shotgun Mistress | Glorious Machine

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following the incredible success of their sophomore release Save Me From Myself, Shotgun Mistress’ latest single Glorious Machine is another all-out rapturous sonic assault. Glorious Machine has now been immortalised on film with the official video clip being released today. This latest slice of pure contemporary rock doubles down on the band’s indomitable style. It’s incisive and dynamic with smouldering guitars over an explosive rhythmic undertow crowned by Glenn Patrick’s aeronautic vocals. The melodies utilize a haunting narrative of infatuation and obsession to hurtle through your headspace in a truly dizzying and dazzling hard rock experience. Melbourne’s Shotgun Mistress’ third single Glorious Machine is yet another tantalising taste of their forthcoming album due for release late in 2020.”

42 | Xhoana X | Crimson

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Albanian-born Xhoana X takes her dark, Eastern European heritage very seriously. From an upbringing of one of the most tolerant spiritual cultures in the world, comes a unique style of art, with a mixture of freedom, rebellion and heroism. The relaxed form of culture from Albania is the driving force here. You are in the darkest little corner of your room. And yet, this is where you find that you are most comfortable. Although perhaps you also find yourself a bit surprised at the ease in which you exist here. The unexpected seems natural. The rich enthralling darkness is the vibe.”

43 | Jeen | Anything You Want

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following her first two solo albums, Jeen shared lead singing/songwriting duties on Brendan Canning’s (Broken Social Scene) When Flying Was Easy. She went on to self-produce three more solo albums in succession (Tourist, Modern Life, Gift Shop), garnering regular radio rotation and well deserved attention. Jeen is set to release her self-titled new album on Oct. 9, and recently shared the record’s first single, Deep End. Following on its heels is Anything You Want, the only track on the LP that features strings, courtesy of Kevin Fox on cello.”

44 | Andria Piperni | Above The Clouds

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter Andria Piperni is creating a jazz-tinged alternative fusion of R&B and soul. After a brief time living in Paris, she returned to her hometown of Montreal with a shifted perspective on what “living” truly means, and ultimately found the calling of her truest life, one of sharing stories and lessons through music. With 2020 bringing a whole new outlook on life as we know it, Andria delivers her own reflective collection with her debut EP Who’s Counting?, set to release soon. Ahead of the release, Andria has shared a new single Above The Clouds, which captures a sense of hope, but also a vulnerability with echoing vocals and a building R&B track.”

45 | Stolen Wheelchairs | The America

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Stolen Wheelchairs are authentic teenage punk rock. You can’t fake the energy that they emit. Straight from the depths of Hostile City, they play fast, angsty, anthemic hardcore punk with an authenticity that has been lacking in today’s scene. Stolen Wheelchairs are the latest in a series of forebearers of the punk banner in the Philadelphia area. Violent Society and The Boils come to mind. Stolen Wheelchairs draw from all these and more. Their debut album The America was recorded DIY by Osc4r and the band at the family home. The America is a record lathered with traditional punk influences and sprinkled with much, much more.”

46 | Nick Kingswell | There’s No Cure

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Australian singer/songwriter Nick Kingswell sold his house and belongings and moved to London in an effort to push his music career. Drawing on his memories of Australia’s oceans, beaches and open landscapes, Kingswell runs these through the gritty filter of London’s big city. His music delivers a cinematic feel, layered with dynamic movement and intricate guitars, all tempered with a deep emotionality. The single Homesick narrates Kingswell’s move from Australia to the U.K. He confides, “I love living in the U.K. and I feel equally as lucky to get to go home to a place like Phillip Island. It’s the best of both worlds. But the feeling of being homesick comes and goes. It’s like that whole idle hands idea.”

47 | Snowdrops | Trapezian Fields

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “French chamber duo Snowdrops announce the release of their new single Trapezian Fields.The second track to be taken from forthcoming album Volutes, Trapezian Fields is a lilting piano led piece with a subtle sci-fi undercurrent of popping, bubbling rhythmic punctuation. Snowdrops was formed in 2015 by Mathieu Gabry and Christine Ott. The pair’s respective experience yields a freedom and spontaneity, and a deeply personal approach to composition and orchestration.”

48 | Jneiro Jarel | Viberian Waves

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Throughout a career that has spanned over twenty years and seen collaborations with MF DOOM, Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn, BadBadNotGood, Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, Kimbra and Khujo Goodie, Jneiro Jarel has created consistently distinctive, forward-thinking productions that display his love for the music of Brazil. Today he releases the new single from his forthcoming album After A Thousand Years.”

49 | TWRP | Need Each Other

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:TWRP have released their groovy new single Need Each Other, featuring the Oakland-based electro-funk trio Planet Booty. The song is a laid back dreamy piano-focused funk track that emphasizes the importance of togetherness during trying times. Splicing together influences from R&B greats like D’Angelo and George Benson, TWRP weave odd time signatures with intensely swung grooves while declaring that when the pressures and challenges of life become overwhelming, it’s necessary to depend on the love and support of one another to make it through.”

50 | Roisin Murphy | Something More (Soulwax Remix)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With the release of her much anticipated fifth album Roisin Machine just around the corner, the inimitable, indisputable pop icon Roisin Murphy unleashes a huge new remix of her latest single Something More, a speaker rattling leviathan of a track by the Belgian dance colossus Soulwax. Smoothly picking up where the Belgian New Beat explosion left off in the late ’80s, Soulwax are renowned for their genre defying mischievousness, splicing together electro-pop, guitar rock, disco punk, industrial music and more to create something that was irresistibly and indefinably DIY and unique. Their remix of Something More works along the same principle, creating a deep, funky chug perfect for driving across wide open borders, both physical and metaphorical.”

51 | Lucas Nord | Undeniable (ft. Husky & Melo)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Pop meets Indie-dance producer Lucas Nord releases his latest single Undeniable ft. Husky & Melo. The single is the third to be lifted from his upcoming EP Boy Restless, which will be released on Oct. 23. Nord gives further insight into the creation of the single, “I randomly just came up with a lil melody and the title Undeniable on the treadmill one day and recorded it on my phone. As with many musicians, my phone is filled with strange melodies you can barely hear that just pops up in your mind right when you’re about to fall asleep. Anyway, when I got back home I instantly did a lil draft of the track, which basically ended up being the plucky chord synth the songs starts off with. The concept of the song is really just about two people who ended a relationship when it’s undeniable that they should be together.”

52 | Statues | Cardiac Arrest

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Statues are back with the energetic indie rock track Cardiac Arrest. The single is the third one from the band’s upcoming second album Holocene, to be released in late October. With Cardiac Arrest, the band captures the essence of ’90s alternative rock and aesthetics. Featuring lead and backing vocals by Per Stålberg, fast guitars and intense rhythms are combined with resentful and almost apocalyptic lyrics.”