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Now Hear This: Matt Mays | Dog City

I'm still getting caught up on all the good albums I missed last week. Like this one.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “When the world went into lockdown earlier this year, Matt Mays took the opportunity to challenge himself as a songwriter, musician and producer. Dog City was written from the perspective of a rescue dog and recorded in a makeshift studio in Mays’ garage. Dog City showcases Mays’ versatility as both a songwriter and performer, reflecting his wide range of musical influences. Mays described the songs as “about pure freedom, love, contentment, companionship and all the stuff in between. I wrote every note and lyric over the last 6 weeks in confinement in my cold garage and a few other empty spaces. Except for the Stooges cover!” While Dog City was produced in isolation, that doesn’t mean Mays was entirely without his buds. Long-time collaborators Tim Jim Baker (drums, percussion, programming) & Serge Samson (bass) contributed their parts to about half the songs from their home studios. More recent band mates Asa Brosius (pedal steel) and Melissa Payne (vocals) also contributed parts via the wires. Leah Fay contributed vocals to Talking to the Sky while her July Talk bandmate Peter Dreimanis’ distinct voice is featured on Number Canine. Kate Dyke added her vocals to New Tricks the day before Mays was to upload the finished album (after he finished writing the song earlier that day). Welcome to Dog City, folks! Where everyone gets thrown a bone.”