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The Psychedelic Furs | Made Of Rain

The ’80s vets ditch Pretty in Pink for gritty & grey on this comeback disc.

When you only make one new album every 30 years, you better make it good. And thankfully, The Psychedelic Furs have done just that on Made of Rain, their first release since 1991’s long forgotten World Outside.

Making up for lost time and acting as if they have something to prove, the Butler brothers and their current bandmates come out swinging with crackling, energized cuts that set their hazy post-punk jangle, soaring melodies and dusty vocals in a darker, deeper, harder and heavier sonic landscape. From rockers like The Boy Who Invented Rock & Roll and Wrong Train to lusher and more atmospheric fare like This’ll Never Be Love and Ash Wednesday, everything here is delivered with more urgency and sharper edges than they displayed back in their John Hughes-soundtrack heyday. Forget Pretty in Pink. These days, the Furs are gritty and grey. And ready for the next 30 years.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Highly influential post punk stars The Psychedelic Furs will release their new album, their first in nearly 30 years, Made Of Rain. From its exhilarating opening bars, Made Of Rain sounds like The Psychedelic Furs and them alone. It’s a joy to hear again, fresher than ever. Their peerless permutations of art, aggression and ambience drive the dynamics, and it’s always been this originality which has set them apart, a cut above. The album was produced by Richard Fortus, whilst mixing duties were handled by Tim Palmer (David Bowie, U2, Robert Plant).”